French Bulldog Clothes: Blend of Comfort & Swag

This is the largest collection of French bulldog clothes in the World! These are NOT general “small dog” products. As we all know, French bulldog has a very specific body shape, more of a pig than a dog 🐖- so this beautiful creature requires a unique kind of dog-wear. All of these items were tested on our own French bulldogs. We have Frenchie sweaters for dogs, hoodies, jackets, coats, costumes, pajamas, shirts, and much more! Every item has a sizing chart and clear guidelines on how to measure your pooch.

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Sakura Bone French Bulldog Hoodie

Why settle for a plain hoodie when you can give your pup the ultimate canine couture with this Sakura Bone French Bulldog Hoodie!
  • Made of soft and cozy cotton, perfect for snuggling up on chilly days.
  • This Frenchie hoodie features an eye-catching printed bone on the back emblazoned with flowers and other symbols.
  • It’s a great choice for lounging at home or staying safe in crispy weather
  • The design is sure to turn heads and make a bold statement, making it a perfect addition to your Frenchie’s wardrobe.
Why do we love it?Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats (just kidding about that last part) hold on to your leashes because we have the ultimate must-have accessory for your French bulldog! Say hello to the "ruff-le of the litter" hoodie! This French bulldog hoodie is made of the softest, cuddliest cotton that will keep your pup warm and cozy, even on the coldest of days. The hoodie features a bone print on the back and sleeves that will have all the other dogs in the park drooling with envy. Choose between different colors and prints, and make your dog stay comfortable and safe in cold weather!

BURU French Bulldog Sweater

BURU French bulldog sweater will keep your pup warm from nose to tail! Embellished with elegant pearl and bow on the neckline, and made from warm knitted acrylic, it'll be the right pick for those special occasions when you want to show your pup to the world!
  • red girly design
  • elegant black bow emblazoned with pearl
  • elastic cut
  • ribbed hem and cuffs
  • hand washable
Why do we love it?This Frenchie World full-length dog sweater is perfect for stylish pups who love to stay warm! Knitted with a soft, elastic fabric, this sweater is both trendy and comfortable. The red color is perfect for stylish pups who want to make a statement, while the girly cut is perfect for any fashionable pup. And....that's not all! This Frenchie Sweater is also embellished with a lovely pearl and bow on the neck, so your little princess will have a special detail wherever you go.

Caramello French Bulldog Sweater

Knitted from a soft, warm, and elastic wool blend, this French bulldog sweater features a chic brown hue that will look great with any outfit. The trendy and modern cut is sure to make your pup the envy of all their furry friends.
  • inspired by the famous human fashion brand
  • adorable stylish clothing pick
  • elastic cut
  • high cut to avoid potty messes
  • ribbed hem and cuffs
  • hand washable
Why do we love it?Introducing the Caramello French bulldog sweater! This stylish and modern dog sweater is perfect for keeping your furry friend warm and chic all winter long. Knitted from soft and elastic yarn, this sweater is both comfortable and fashionable. The trendy brown color is sure to make your pup stand out from the pack, while the elastic construction ensures a snug and cozy fit. So keep your best friend warm and stylish this winter with the Frenchie World full-length dog sweater! To make your pet totally protected from harsh weather conditions, we recommend you match it with Luxury Velvet French Bulldog Jacket.

Christmas French Bulldog Socks


Why not spoil your cute pup during this festive season with the best Christmas socks available in market! They work as both a cutesy fashion accessory and a functional lifestyle product that can help to prevent slips and falls

  • available in cute Xmas designs
  • improved with anti-slip soles
  • machine washable
  • festive outfit for your little pup
  • improves mobility in senior Frenchies
  • Boneless suture sock toe,delicate and smooth.
  • Features:Material:95% cotton,5% spandex
  • protects the dog paw pads from the cold
Why do we love it?

We believe your four-legged friends deserve to be dressed in the same festive spirit as you! Our Christmas socks have this non-slip just in time for the holiday. They are elastic with a soft and comfortable cotton lining, perfect for improving your dog's mobility too. Brightly designed to uplift spirit, they are pawsome fit to wow! Choose between cute Santa, reindeer and Xmas tree pattern, and let your furry friend celebrate the holiday spirit.

Color Splash French Bulldog Jacket


Style, Comfort and Protection all in one. The perfect winter outfit for the dog in your life.

  • made from soft and warm fuzzy fleece
  • it provides essential insulation in cold weather
  • adorable splash of colors for your little gremlin
  • zipper closure
  • hood with bear ears
  • hand washable
Why do we love it?

This French bulldog jacket is made of the best quality materials and created to suit every activity. We aimed to create secure and comfortable clothes while keeping your pup warm in all weather. That's why there are double thick layers and sleeves, snug ankles where they meet bottoms, and a thick layer on the back that will prevent your pet from freezing. You're gonna love the ix of colors and camouflage pattern. And that's not all! The bear ears on the hood are totally adorable! Let your furry friend look and feel like a bear while walking down the street!

Colorful French Bulldog Vest

This winter, your Frenchie will be able to enjoy the great outdoors by wearing one of the warmest and coziest dog vests you'll ever find!
  • mad from water-repellent polyester
  • filled with warm pp cotton
  • zipper closure
  • ensured with double D rings on the back
  • zipper closure on the back for easier dressing on and taking off
  • 17 colors available
  • machine washable
  • high-quality fabric that won't tear
Why do we love it?Prepare your furry friend for cold weather with our Colorful French bulldog vest, available in 17 colors. It features practical double D-rings on the back and zipper closure, so we're sure you'll save time preparing your pooch for a walk. Besides, it's padded with pp cotton that prevents hyperthermia and makes your pet warm and snug. Thanks to a water-repellent fabric, your dog's coat will stay dry even in wet weather conditions.

Cuddly French Bulldog Fuzzy Jacket


Stay warm and cozy this winter with our cozy French bulldog fleece jacket. It's made of warm and lightweight material and available in 2 colors. You can even put a hood on your dog's head for extra cuteness!

  • perfect winter outfit for your lovely dog
  • choose between a pink pig and brown Teddy bear
  • button closure on the belly
  • it can be worn over other French bulldog clothing items
  • hand washable
  • the hood is perfect for keeping your little gremlin safe in cold
Why do we love it?

You love your pup, right? Get them the best Fuzzy fleece dog jacket with button closure on the belly and hood for the head, in 2 colors and patterns: brown Teddy bear and pink Piggy. With this one-of-a-kind, animal pattern design, you'll keep your pup toasty warm, so that you can have good quality time together! This French bulldog jacket is perfect for staying warm and comfy on those crispy winter evenings. By dressing your dog in this adorable clothing piece, your little pup will enjoy the blanket feeling it provides.

French Bulldog Designer Vest


Ready for your best four-legged friend to keep you company this winter? Give your pup a French bulldog designer vest for some extra warmth and style.

  • padded with warm pp cotton
  • made from water-repellent polyester fabric
  • button closure
  • high quality fabric that won't tear
  • detachable hood for cold weather
Why we ♥ it?Protect your dog from the cold with our newest and best dog vest you'll ever find! The French Bulldog Vest is made from high quality polyester that can keep your dog safe and warm during harsh weather. The vest is padded with pp cotton for more comfort, and has a detachable hood to protect your dog from the wind and rain .Your furry friend will be comfortable and safe in their own vest which can accommodate up to a 20-25 inch girth. This is truly an amazing product for any French Bulldog owner! Besides feeling warm, your pet will also look trendy and stylish for any occasion. In case your pooch needs and extra layer, you can even match it with one of our French bulldog hoodies.

French Bulldog Fashion Shirt Set

Let your dog feel special and look elegant on every pawdventure in our French Bulldog Fashion Shirt Set!
  • shirt made from a pleasant cotton fabric
  • the sweater that goes around the dog's neck serves as a fashion detail
  • the set is perfect for special occasions
  • high cut on the belly
  • hand washable
Why do we love it?Looking for a stylish and fashionable piece of dog clothing to make your pet noticed? Look no more than our shirt and sweater set that will respond to any occasion. The shirt is pleasant to touch and made from a skin-friendly fabric that suits sensitive Frenchies, while the sweater comes as a fashion detail to resemble human outfits. Whether you want to take cute photos with your Frenchies or turn them into the most fashionable creatures on Earth, this set will is sure to make a fashion statement on every corner!

French Bulldog Plaid Luxury Sweater

Add a dose of class & style to your furry friend's outfit by dressing them into our French Bulldog Plaid Luxury Sweater!
  • a super soft French bulldog sweater made from acrylic wool
  • a perfect pick for autumn and winter weather
  • hand washable
  • elastic and wide neckline
  • contrast cuffs for better effect
  • inspired by the famous human fashion brand
Why we love it?If you're looking for a classic French bulldog sweater to make your pet warm and comfortable this winter season, look no more that this one! It's super elastic, soft, and it won't make your pooches uncomfortable during their everyday activities. Since it comes in an easy-to-match color combination, we're sure your dog will always have a stylish piece of wardrobe for special occasions. The wide neckline allows your dog to breathe normally, while the knitted acrylic wool will keep their body temperature within optimal ranges. To achieve a complete outfit for special occasions, we recommend you matching it with our Winter Cotton French Bulldog Jacket.

French Bulldog Polar Hat

Keep your Frenchie's precious ears safe from cold and wind by choosing one of the warmest and most comfortable winter hats you'll ever find for your dog- our French Bulldog Polar Hat!
  • made from warm, elastic and soft acrylic wool
  • perfect for keeping your dog's ears safe from the wind, rain, snow and cold
  • prevents your dog's ears from frost bites
  • hand washable
  • available in two colors
  • adjustable drawstring goes under the chin
Why do we love it?You're gonna love this adorable French bulldog hat not only because of the design but also because of the fabric. It's easy to match, practical and will keep your little gremlin safe from cold. Since we all know that winter and Frenchies don't go hand in hand, we have to think about how to keep every part of their bodies protected and warm. This dog hat is great for winter adventures and all those outdoor moments you want to share with your pup. Don't let the cold weather surprise you. Your little batpig can still enjoy the great outdoors by wearing the warm clothes and accessories.

Frenchie Vuitton Sweater

Let your dog become a part of a high-class society by wearing our posh Frenchie Vuitton Sweater!
  • adorable design inspired by the famous human fashion brand
  • made from soft acrylic wool
  • the fabric makes your dog warm in chilly and crispy weather
  • elastic cut that makes a dog comfortable
  • unisex design
  • hand washable in cold water
Why do we love it?Since we admire the attitude of all Frenchies, we think it would be a shame not to dress them fashionably. This French bulldog sweater is one of those essentials every fashion icon should have in their closet, and your pooch is one of them. Made from stretchable acrylic wool and emblazoned with a retro inscription, your batpig will definitely make a fashion statement in your town! Whether it's a special day or a relaxing stroll, every pet deserves to look enthralling. 

Find the cutest French Bulldog Hoodies for your little batpig!

Whether you only want to dress your pooch in some unique French Bulldog clothing or you are searching for a Halloween costume, we have them all! This Shark Dog Hoodie is perfect for both special occasions and even everyday wear!

In case you want to own personal security, then this Dog Security shirt will definitely make everyone turn their heads!

Since we also care about looking both elegant and fashionable, we need to mention a special Dog Tuxedo & Vest Set. Turn your little prince into prince charming for a special day or party.

What do you need to make your Frenchie warm in cold weather?

Frenchie World offers a wide range of dog jackets and coats that are made of pleasant and warm materials. Whether you are searching for a waterproof jacket or a thick dog coat, our assortment will definitely thrill you.

For keeping your dog’s fur dry in case of rain, we advise you to check this  Camouflage Waterproof Raincoat. For those cold weather conditions that cause a lot of problems to Frenchies, you can protect your their fur by wearing this Winter Jacket!