French bulldog hats present not only a fashionable piece of accessorizing but also serve to provide your furry gremlin with over needed protection of direct sunlight. For cold weather conditions, we also have hats for keeping those lovely heads warm.

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Warm & Snug French Bulldog Balaclava Hat

Protect your little Frenchie from harsh weather conditions with our Warm & Snug French Bulldog Balaclava Hat!
  • made from soft and warm fleece
  • the adjustable drawstring allows you to set the size
  • adorable headgear for your little pup
  • machine washable at 30 C
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • decorated with ears made of plaid fabric
Why we it? This French bulldog hat is expertly chunky, and the thick fleece is like a little hug for your pet's ears. Even though Frenchies have thick necks,  this headgear is specially created to make your pooch comfortable, thanks to an adjustable drawstring. This is the kind of dog hat you keep stored somewhere accessible, so you can just pop back inside to grab it when it's colder out than you thought. Balaclava type of hat is a great option to help your little gremlin regulate their body temperature and make them look adorable on every pawdventure.

Baseball Cap For French Bulldog

Baseball Cap For French Bulldog If you want to protect your dog’s and provide cooling when you decide to take your

Cow French Bulldog Hat

Cow French Bulldog Hat Turn your little Frenchie into the greatest furry trendsetter of the neighborhood! Choose between a plain

Donkey & Pooh French Bulldog Hat

Donkey & Pooh French Bulldog Hat This is the cutest escape from winter! Turn your furry friend into the Winnie

French Bulldog Beach Bucket Cap

French Bulldog Beach Bucket Cap Your Frenchie deserves to look equally cool as you this summer season, so you gotta

French Bulldog Snowman Costume

French Bulldog Snowman Costume Who needs a holiday sweater when you can have a holiday doggy? Make an adorable pooch the star of your Christmas celebration! Celebrate in style with this festive Showman dog hat!
  • made of soft fleece
  • ideal to be worn during the holiday season
  • a lovely costume for your French bulldog
  • hand washable
  • the hat that looks like a costume
  • it features lovely Snowman hands
  • keeps a dog's head warm and snug
Why we love it? Who wouldn't want a dog who looks like a holiday snowman? For those cold winter months, the only thing better than having a cheerful ornament on your tree is to have an equally cheery furry friend wearing this Snowman Dog Hat. If your dog is worried about his ears getting cold during even the winter holiday season despite all that fur, then get this lovely winter hat. This fabulous fleece hat will keep his head warm and cozy while he's out running around in the snow (or sitting next to you cheering for Santa!).

French Bulldog Sweater & Cap Set

French Bulldog Sweater & Cap Set Let your Frenchie become the main trendsetter in the neighborhood by dressing him into

French Bulldog Winter Hat

French Bulldog Winter Hat Provide your furry friend with total ear and neck protection when enjoying winter outdoor adventures by

French Bulldog Woolen Knitted Hat, Scarf and Leg Warmer Set

French Bulldog Woolen Knitted Hat, Scarf and Leg Warmer Set The French Bulldog Woolen Knitted Hat, Scarf and Leg Warmer

Frenchie Owner Baseball Cap

Frenchie Owner Baseball Cap Spice up your summer outfit with this unique and trendy Frenchie Owner Baseball Cap! made of

Frenchie World® Dog Hat

Frenchie World® Dog Hat (With Ear Holes) Why use a dog hat? Firstly, if your dog is sensitive to the

Halloween Witch Hat

Halloween Witch Hat Have a nice and stylish witch this Halloween with the Halloween Witch Hat! Black and yellow hats

Why do you need to protect a Frenchie from the sun?

Since French bulldogs are prone to overheating due to their brachycephalic skulls, it’s important to provide them with plenty of water in the summer months. However, another essential part presents the shadow. Keeping a Frenchie out of direct sunlight is a must. Our French bulldog hats are uniquely designed to fit Frenchies’ heads. In case you walk on a hot summer day, we advise you to splash your dog’s hat with water to prevent him from dehydration.

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In case you are searching for a winter hat for your Frenchie, then this Woolen Knitted set will definitely blow your mind! It comes with a hat, scarf and leg warmers and is available in different colors.

For those who prefer a dangerous style, check out this Pilot dog hat. Look at those cute ear openings!

The following Frenchie World dog hat is great for any season and will make every Frenchie princess look sweet as cake! Dog hats can look really cute and can be a fun way for you to match your pet.