French Bulldog Bowls

Our great collection of French bulldog bowls for eating and drinking are made in different shapes, colors to serve different purposes. Besides basic bowls for Frenchies, you’ll also find Anti-choke feeding bowls that reduce flatulence and slow down eating.

What are the best-selling French bulldog bowls?

Choosing the right Frenchie feeding bowl might sound challenging especially because they have flat skulls and short necks. That’s why your pick should be specially crafted to suit the physical characteristics of a Frenchie. As one of the best-selling French bulldog bowls to choose for your pet, we advise you have a look at the following Designer Elevated French Bulldog Bowl. It comes with a moderately elevated holder that gradually brings food to your dog’s mouth. It’s also very beneficial for older pooches because the elevated design prevents joint pressure. 

Another pick that represents one of the best French bulldog bowls for water is the following Frenchie World Anti Wet Mouth Floating Drinking Bowl. The float will slowly rise when the water is added to the bowl.

Why to buy Anti-choke French Bulldog Bowls? 

For Frenchies that are prone to flatulence and releasing gasses, it would be great to choose Anti-choke feeding bowls. Our Frenchie World Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl comes with a rotating plastic bone in the middle that affects slowing down the process of eating.

Interactive Antic Choke Bowl is another pick that will reduce your dog’s gasses. The zigzag shape will make your Frenchie work for his food and will extend the duration of the meal.