French Bulldog Inspired Home Items

Turn your home into the sacred temple of His Royal Highness, Frenchie The Almighty. Place a few french bulldog statues here and there. Fill your couch with french bulldog pillows, populate the wall with frenchie stickers... throw your IKEA bedding set away and put on the french bulldog one right now!

And please - send us an image of your frenchie inspired corner of your home - we might feature it on our Instagram page!

What are the best selling home items inspired by Frenchies?

In case you want to provide your living room with a French bulldog spirit, we’ve prepared specially designed French bulldog Giant Wall Clock. It’s available in 3 colors and perfectly describes your batpig’s mood hour by hour. Another great gift that will thrill every Frenchie soul is this French bulldog Fashion Canvas Wall Art. It fits any type of design whether you want to put it in your child’s room or in a living room.

Since most of us get annoyed of wandering in the dark in the middle of the night, then this French Bulldog LED Night Light should solve all our problems.

Where to find very own French bulldog items?

Well, we all know that most of you want to have very own items that you can use every day. Therefore, we want to represent you with this unique 3D French Bulldog Ceramic Mugs With Bamboo Lid that will make your mornings special. Enjoy your first morning tea or coffee with this marvellous Frenchie mug!

Another great product that you will definitely enjoy wearing are our French Bulldog Plush Home Slippers. They are available in 5 colors and are made with foam beds for maximum comfort. And what else do you need for complete relaxation? It’s Space Frenchie Premium Square Pillow that will definitely fulfill your lazy weekends.