French Bulldog Jackets And Coats

Putting a coat on your frenchie during colder days is not a matter of collecting likes on Instagram - this dog breed really needs it. French Bulldogs are very sensitive to cold weatheras they have short hair and they're small. Also, their snouts are too short to warm up the air they breathe in.

So, having a coat or jacket for your frenchie is a must! We have selected the most beautiful designs that fit the french bulldog's body. Be sure to check our guide to measuring your French Bulldog  - this will ensure that you choose the perfect fit!

What type of jacket to choose for your Frenchie for rainy and windy weather?

It’s highly important to choose a waterproof cover for your French bulldog when walking in rainy weather conditions. We all know they are prone to rapid lose their normal range of body temperature, so buying a waterproof dog jacket is a must. We recommend you to check our Versatile Reflective Waterproof dog jacket. It’s both suitable for windy weather conditions, so you’ll keep calm by knowing your dog will not catch a cold.

In case you need a classic looking dog coat for summer rains, I advise you to take a look at this coat. It protects both your dog’s body and the head.

How to make your French bulldog the biggest star of the neighborhood?

First of all, Frenchies are charming by their nature. However, it’s not a waste to spice up their everyday styling with some crazy-looking dog jackets. For providing your pooch with a gangsta style, we advise you to check our Luxury Leopard dog jacket.

Since we can’t forget on adorable Frenchie princesses, we bet they’ll look sweet as honey in this Luxury Princess Pink French bulldog jacket.