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Ice & Breathable French Bulldog Collar

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Ice & Breathable French Bulldog Collar

Get ready for summer pawdventures and keep your dog safe from heatstroke by putting a cooling collar around his neck. Filled with cooling gel packs, this collar will provide your pooch with essential heat protection in hot weather.

  • Filled with cooling gel packs
  • Made of heat resistant fabric
  • Adjustable collar size
  • Hand washable
  • size: 32-48CM
  • pet weighs: 12-28 kg

Why we love it?

Your Frenchie will stay safe from overheating by wearing this cooling collar around his neck. It features non-toxic gel packs that should be placed in the fridge before wearing. The camo pattern is easy to combine with different outfits, and the drawstring on the collar allows you to set the size. The dog’s neck is known as a refreshment spot on their bodies, so this collar will help them breathe easier and deal with hot air in the summer.