Pumpkin Woolen Jumper
Pumpkin Woolen Jumper
Pumpkin Woolen Jumper

Pumpkin Woolen Jumper

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How To Measure Your Frenchie?

Pumpkin Woolen Jumper

Have your dog looken good in the Pumpkin Woolen Jumper!

  • Black tank with embroidered pumpkin
  • Made of wool blend
  • Touch of lycra for stretch

Why We Love It:
Get geared up for the fall and have all the pumpkin you can stand with the Pumpkin Woolen Jumper! Made of wool blend, this dog tank also includes a hint of lycra for comfortable stretch. Made in the USA! Great for Halloween parties and fall fun!

XXS 21cm/8.3inch 24cm/9.45inch 16cm/6.3inch
XS 27cm/10.6inch 28cm/11.0inch 18cm/7.1inch
S 31cm/12.2inch 32cm/12.6inch 20cm/7.9inch
M 35cm/13.8inch 38cm/15.0inch 24cm/9.5inch
L 45cm/17.7inch 48cm/18.9inch 32cm/12.6inch
XL 51cm/20.1inch 52cm/20.5inch 34cm/13.4inch
XXL 64cm/25.2inch 68cm/26.7inch 48cm/18.9inch