French Bulldog Hats & Caps

French bulldog hats present not only a fashionable piece of accessorizing but also serve to provide your furry gremlin with over needed protection of direct sunlight. For cold weather conditions, we also have hats for keeping those lovely heads warm.

Why do you need to protect a Frenchie from the sun?

Since French bulldogs are prone to overheating due to their brachycephalic skulls, it’s important to provide them with plenty of water in summer months. However, another essential part presents the shadow. Keeping a Frenchie out of direct sunlight is a must. Our French bulldog hats are uniquely designed to fit Frenchies’ heads. In case you walk on a hot summer day, we advise you to splash your dog’s hat with water to prevent him from dehydration.

Check out our best selling French bulldog hats

In case you are searching for a winter hat for your Frenchie, then this Woolen Knitted set will definitely blow your mind! It comes with a hat, scarf and leg warmers and is available in different colors.

For those who prefer a dangerous style, check out this Pilot dog hat. Look at those cute ear openings!

The following Frenchie World dog hat is great for any season and will make every Frenchie princess look sweet as cake! Dog hats can look really cute and can be a fun way for you to match your pet.