French Bulldog Life Jackets

French bulldogs swim as good as a brick - that's why a life jacket is a must have if your frenchie could sometimes be anywhere near any body of water.

Also, a frenchie could be taught to swim while wearing a life jacket. So, grab one or more of these, as you're definitely gonna need them!

Why your Frenchie needs a life jacket?

Due to their short and compact built, Frenchies sink like rocks. Therefore, it’s highly advisable not to leave them alone when they are near water. Even when your Frenchie has already taught to swim with a life jacket, it’s not recommended to leave them without supervision. A dog can easily turn upside down due to waves.

Check out our best selling life jackets

Frenchie World Team has prepared a wide assortment of Frenchie life jackets for your batpig. Our Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket is specially made to make your pup spotted and to make sure your pooch is always on top.

For those who prefer classic design, our Frenchie World Life Safety Vest is made of Oxford breathable Mesh and comes with a handle for owners.

If your furry gremlin possess kind of sassy personality, our Mermaid Dog Life Jacket will definitely make him/her the biggest star on the beach! Show some Mermaid moves with this glittering dog life jacket!