Must Have

These items are essential for the well-being of your frenchie, and they are among the best sellers in our shop. There are many practical things, and for some of those you probably didn't know they existed! But they are true life savers for your french bulldog care.

What items do you need to have for your French bulldog care?

Besides a regular nail trimming, your doggie needs to get paw care as well. Frenchie World paw balm is rich in different oils that will prevent and heal your dog from having dry and cracked paws.

In case of traveling, for your little passenger we advise you to check out Waterproof seat cover that will prevent your car from your batpig’s hair and will keep him safe.

We also can’t forget the importance of having the right feeding bowl for a Frenchie. Since they are prone to flatulence and fast eating, the best product for solving that issue is our Frenchie World Anti Choke feeding bowl. The bone put in the center of the bowl rotates and makes your furry friend work for his food.

What do you need for protecting your dog’s fur from rain?

Our collection offers you a great choice of dog raincoat to protect your dog from feeling wet and cold. For keeping your pooch both stylish and protected from wind at the same time, we suggest you check this Camouflage Waterproof Raincoat.