French Bulldog Hair Loss Treatment and Symptoms

Why is my French bulldog losing hair?

We bet there’s no better feeling for a dog owner than hearing from people how shiny and healthy coat his dog has. However, at some period of your Frenchie’s life, his hair may become dull-looking and dry due to several reasons. French bulldog hair loss presents one of the most common health issues that can occur at least once in your dog’s lifetime.

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What Causes Hair Loss In French Bulldogs?

There is a saying that a dog’s coat presents the mirror of his/her health and I must say it’s true. The dog’s hair tells a lot about your dog’s menu and the care he/she gets. Here is the list of possible reasons for your French bulldog hair loss issue:

  • allergy
  • inappropriate nutrition
  • dermatitis
  • genetics
  • mange
  • dandruff
  • hormonal disbalance
  • seasonal shedding

French bulldog allergy can be triggered by food and environmental allergens. Some Frenchies can be genetically predisposed to suffer from allergies, so that’s why I recommend you to invest in your Frenchie’s health by feeding him with high-quality ingredients. It implies eating fresh veggies and fruits, and quality meat.

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Frenchies should also have a diet rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils that are known as one of the best remedies for dry and fragile hair and inflamed skin. Antioxidants also come to an important place and they can be found in different fruits such as blueberries. Here you can read what tasty fruits you can share with your Frenchie.

Avoid feeding your little gremlin with food that contains by-products, corn, soy, and artificial flavors because they can only worsen the symptoms of itchy skin. In case your furry gremlin shows intolerance to different ingredients, I suggest you switch to the BARF diet for French bulldogs.


Environmental type of allergy can also be the trigger for your Frenchie’s hair loss. They can be allergic to dust, pollen, mites, and chemicals that can cause serious itchiness, and lead to skin injuries. Covering your French bulldog’s body with clothes can present one of the solutions because it will prevent him from further scratching and all the allergens will be kept on clothes.

Take a look at the dog wear section to find the best clothes for your batpig.

 Seasonal shedding can be another cause of your Frenchie’s hair loss. It’s true that this breed doesn’t shed much, however, during summer they want to release the needless hair from their bodies. Since they are already prone to overheating, I recommend you to not to expose your French bulldog to direct sun rays.

Flank alopecia or seasonal baldness is triggered by reduced sunlight exposure. It results in slowing down the process of your dog’s hair growth which it’s influenced by prolactin and melatonin hormone production. Flank alopecia usually affects bulldog breeds and it presents a cosmetic issue that is followed by dark patches on a dog’s skin.


French Bulldog Hair Loss Treatment

As I previously mentioned, changing a diet is the first step to help your little gremlin. It would also be helpful to ask your vet to recommend you adding different supplements for improving your dog’s coat.

Don’t forget to groom your Frenchie once a week. I that way, you’ll help him to remove potential environmental allergens from his skin and release the dead hair. Take a look at the following silicone brush glove that has hundreds of soft needles that will collect your dog’s dead hair like a magnet. It’s especially suitable for better reaching all body parts on your pooch.

 Choosing the appropriate shampoo is very important especially if your own a French bulldog. That’s why I recommend you try the following bath salt that will not stitch the dog’s eyes and it comes in 3 fragrances. The carefully tailored mix of ingredients is recommended for easing the symptoms of itchy skin.

In case you don’t have enough time to bathe your furry friend, The following French bulldog dry cleaning shampoo presents a life savior solution. You only need to gently rub it into your dog’s fur an then to wipe it with a dry towel. The foam leaves a natural antibacterial effect and contains a mix of German medicinal herbs that smell gorgeous.

If you ask 10 dog owners to answer this question, I am sure that no one will answer the same. That’s why I recommend every Frenchie owner to observe their dog’s lifestyle. So, if your pooch likes to roll in the grass, jump in the puddles and look like a Pepa Pig every time you get back from outside, then you must bathe him/her more often.

On the other hand, frequent bathing can ruin your French bulldog’s natural hair moist and skin elasticity. Therefore, you need to have a limit on everything! If your dog often gets dirty of shows allergy to pollen and dust, my advice is to combine regular bathing with dry bathing. Wearing clothes can also help a lot.

Don’t forget to take care of your Frenchie’s paws too. Road salt, and walking on too hot or too cold pavements can seriously damage his paw pads, so you need to think on how to protect them. Besides regularly soothing your dog’s paw pads with Frenchie World paw balm, I also recommend you wear protective dog footwear.

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