Donut Frenchie Bandana
Donut Frenchie Bandana

Donut Frenchie Bandana

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How To Measure Your Frenchie?

Donut Frenchie Bandana

The iconic-looking Frenchies deserve to wear the accessories that will make them stylish and spotted on any occasion. Don’t forget that style is the way to say who your dog is without having to bark!

  • Ideal for special occasions
  • Emblazoned with cute prints of juicy donuts
  • 100% breathable cotton

Why we love it?

If you consider your Frenchie for the cutest creature on Earth, then you’d enjoy using different accessories to make him/her spotted. This Donut Frenchie bandana represents a perfect pick when you want to make your dog stylish. He/she can wear it over a collar and it’s easy to take on and off. The breathable fabric won’t irritate the Frenchie’s skin and he’ll surely enjoy wearing it!

Size info:

Size(M): 64 x 43 x 43cm /25.19 x 16.92 x 16.92"
Neck(M): 30-42cm / 11.81-16.54"