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Frenchie World Shop French Bulldog Carrier Bag
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French Bulldog Carrier Bag

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French Bulldog Carrier Bag

Make your Frenchie rested and safe while traveling by putting him into our French Bulldog Carrier Bag. Prepare your Frenchie for great outdoors in a style.

  • Ventilation holes
  • Zippers for easier use
  • Adjustable belts
  • Different colors and sizes to choose
  • Composition: durable canvas fabric
  • Machine washable at 30 c

Why we love it?

There’s nothing worse than exposing a Frenchie to great physical exertions. Since they are not capable to sustain long walks, their owners should use a French bulldog carrier bag. This Backpack carrier is easy to use thanks to side zippers and adjustable belts. Besides, it features ventilation holes made of mesh which are very important to prevent a dog from heatstroke. There are also secure buckles that will keep your pet safe during long strolls, hikes, or traveling.  On the other hand, this French Bulldog Carrier Bag can also be used on dogs who experience certain mobility issues such as age or injury.

Size chart:

Size: S, length: 26cm, chest circumference: 45cm, spacing between legs: 11cm, suggested weight: 3-5kg

Size: M, length: 28cm, chest circumference: 48cm, spacing between legs: 12cm, suggested weight: 5-8kg

Size: L, length: 31cm, chest circumference: 56cm, spacing between legs: 14cm, suggested weight: 8-10kg

Size: XL, length: 35cm, chest circumference: 60cm, spacing between legs: 15cm, suggested weight: 10-13kg