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French Bulldog Mesh Summer Sandals

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French Bulldog Mesh Summer Sandals

Protect your furry friend's paws from hot asphalt, sand, and environmental allergens by using these adorable French Bulldog Mesh Summer Sandals.

  • made of breathable mesh
  • suitable for summer and spring wear
  • hand washable in soapy water
  • available in different colors
  • velcro closure for easier adjustment
  • prevents the dog's paws from developing burns, blisters, and cuts 
  • provides traction when walking on slippery surfaces
  • allow the paws to breathe

Why we love it?

 One of the biggest concerns of every pet owner is how to keep their paws safe from hot pavements. Concrete, asphalt, and sand represent the greatest threats to your dog's feet. The temperatures of those pavements go double, and walking barefoot can cause severe damages to your French bulldog's paws. That's why you have to protect them with specially designed dog sandals. These summer sandals for French bulldogs feature a non-slipping sole, and are made of breathable mesh. Since dogs sweat and regulate their body temperature through their paw pads, this feature is important to consider. Mesh fabric features holes and it's also elastic, so it won't affect your dog's mobility.

Size chart:


Size Shoe length Shoe width Reference weight
S 4.5CM/1.77'' 3.5CM/1.38'' 0.5-1kg/1.1-2.2IB
M 5.0CM/1.97'' 4.0CM/1.57'' 1-2.5kg/2.2-5.5IB
L 5.5CM/2.16'' 4.5CM/1.77'' 2.5-4kg/5.5-8.8IB
XL 6.0CM/2.36'' 5.0CM/1.97'' 4-5.5kg/8.8-12.1IB
XXL 6.5CM/2.56'' 5.5CM/2.16'' 5.5-7.5kg/12.1-16.5IB