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Tawney Bear Clutch and Sweatshirt Set

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Tawney Bear Clutch and Sweatshirt Set

Let your dog look sassy and stay classy in our adorable Tawney Bear Clutch and Sweatshirt Set! Whether you want to take your little four-legged princess to a party or just to a daily stroll, this piece of clothing will make her become the biggest star in the town!

  • Sweatshirt made of stretchable cotton fabric
  • Emblazoned with printed Teddy bears
  • Comes in a set with a 3d Teddy Bear’s head clutch bag
  • The bag is made of fuzzy plush

Why we love it?

Tawney Bear Clutch and Sweatshirt Set is perfect for showing around on special occasions. Besides, it will make your dog comfy, warm, and pleasant to walk outside on chilly days. The fuzzy clutch can be used for carrying potty bags, and snacks when your pup gets hungry. The fabric is skin-friendly, so your dog won’t get any irritations or feel uncomfy to wear it. A cute and perfect outfit for all those sassy ladies that care about style.

Size chart:

S:  length: 25cm(9.8"), chest:43cm(16.9")

M:  length: 29cm(11.4"), chest:48cm(18.8")

L:  length: 33cm(13"), chest:52cm(20.4")

XL:  length: 36cm(14.1"), chest:58cm(22.8")

XXL:  length: 40cm(15.7"), chest:62cm(24.4)