The Best Picks of Frenchie Hoodies in 2020

We can't deny that Frenchies belong to most photogenic dogs. It's adorably cute to see them wearing clothes and all those accessories tailored for dogs. Since French bulldogs are also notorious for their tendency to suffer from hypothermia, we decided to represent you with the best picks of Frenchie hoodies in 2020. Believe, you're gonna love them!

Why do French bulldogs need to wear clothes?

There are several reasons why do Frenchies require wearing clothes. The first one is hypothermia. Their brachycephalic skulls make them incapable to warm up the air they inhale, while the short coats are another important factor. 

The second reason for wearing clothes is the tendency for environmental allergies. Some Frenchies that have weakened immunity can show allergic reactions to durst, mites, pollen, mold, and other allergens. By allowing your pooch to wear cozy cotton Frenchie clothes in the spring, you'll protect his/her skin from irritations.

The third reason is the French bulldog's tendency to overheat. Well, you're probably wondering why should a dog who is already prone to heatstroke to wear clothes. Since there are summer clothes that can help in lowering body temperature, it is one of the ways to help your dog.

What are the best picks of Frenchie hoodies in 2020?

French Bulldog Polka Dot Hoodie

In case you are searching for a Frenchie hoodie that he/she can wear during spring and autumn months, then this might be your best pick. It is available in two cute cartoon designs and comes with a hood to protect your Frenchie's ear in windy weather.

frenchie hoodies


Love French Bulldog Hoodie

Since Valentine's day approaches, your little batpig deserves to have a 'lovely and cute' outfit too. The heart-melting design is perfect both to wear on special occasions or when having a stroll through the neighborhood. The 100% cotton fabric is suitable for Frenchies' with sensitive skin that is prone to allergies.

French Bulldog Cuddling Sweater With Matching Scarf

When having a walk with your Frenchie in cozy autumn and winter days, this cuddly sweater made of soft fleece could be the right choice. It comes with a romantic scarf that can be added as a detail or to protect your dog's neck from the harsh cold.

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Bee Frenchie Hoodie

We bet that you'll never find a French bulldog hoodie like this one. It comes with buttons on a dog's belly and a hood with funny decorative antennas. Your pooch will be sweet like honey by wearing this fashionable and warm hoodie. 

Leopard Swagger Dog Hoodie

Your French bulldog will adore wearing this hoodie made of fleece! Bring some wild times and make your pooch look like a gangsta in this piece of clothes. It comes in two designs and it's one of the best-selling hoodies in our store.

French Bulldog Paw-Tex Hoodie

If you adore dressing up your four-legged friend in sporty clothes, then you'll like this French bulldog Paw-Tex hoodie. It resembles a world-famous fashion brand for humans and it's made of 100 % cotton.

BAD TO THE BONE Printed Hoodie

For all those naughty Frenchies, we've prepared this 'Bad to the bone' dog hoodie. It's great to wear on windy and cozy days, and the high cut will prevent your doggie from messy going to the toilet. The hoodie is available in 4 colors, so you'll surely find the one for your pooch.

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Wizard Style Cloak Hoodie

Who's that cute furry wizard walking down the street? This Frenchie hoodie is easy to dress on since it doesn't go across a dog's head. There's velcro on a dog's belly, the sleeves are comfy, and comes with a pom-pom on a hood.

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