What Are The Most Common French Bulldog Eye Problems?

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One of the first things we notice on French bulldogs are their bat ears and protruding eyes. Even though they attract everyone’s attention, their physical traits make them prone to certain health issues. French bulldog eye problems could be one of the concerns that affect your dog’s life. That’s why it’s good to know how to recognize and treat eye issues in your Frenchie.

What are the most common French bulldog eye problems?

Unlike dogs with standard muzzles, Frenchies are on a higher tendency to develop eye infections and other eye conditions. Their flat muzzles make them susceptible to collecting dirt between folds while sniffing the environment. Besides, their eyes are closer to the ground, so this can also be one of the reasons why are they prone to eye infections.

Cherry eye in French bulldogs

Cherry eye is a common condition in brachycephalic dog breeds. We can describe it as a red protrusion in the corner of the eye. It happens when the third eyelid prolapses and causes discomfort. A Frenchie who suffers from the cherry eye will deal with dry eye, frequent squinting, redness, excessive discharge, teary eyes.  In most cases, this condition is not painful but can progress into a severe condition if left untreated. Since it’s followed by eye dryness, a dog may start rubbing the eyes to release the discomfort that can be the reason for developing infection.

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Corneal ulcers in French bulldogs

Corneal ulcers are one of the most painful conditions for a dog. They can occur due to many reasons such as mechanical damage, chemical burn, untreated dry eye syndrome, and other types of trauma. Since Frenchies have protruding and big eyes, it’s important to pay attention to eye care.

Using hypoallergenic, no-tear French bulldog shampoos is highly important because dog shampoos with too much perfume can sting the eyes, dry out the eyes, and cause discomfort.

Dry eye syndrome in French bulldogs

Dry eye syndrome more often occurs in brachycephalic dog breeds because they have shallow eye sockets. That’s why dog owners of flat-faced dogs should regularly rinse and moisten their pets’ eyes. If your Frenchie suffers from this condition, you can buy Artificial Tears eye drops for your dog. Besides, don’t forget to regularly clean the area around the eyes with a sterile eyewash.

Entropion in French bulldogs

Entropion can also be one of the French bulldog eye problems that we can describe as an inward rolling of the eyelid edges. Frenchies with large folds will be on a higher tendency to develop this condition. Some of the signs of entropion can be pawing at the eyes, photosensitivity, rubbing the eyes, and dark brown pigment formation on the cornea. Since in most cases dogs need surgery,  your vet should determine whether your pet needs a temporary or permanent solution.

A temporary ‘tacking’ can be one of the options, and it should be repeated as the Frenchie grows. In some cases, this procedure doesn’t help much, so the only option left is a procedure called Hotz-Celsus. Hotz-Celsus surgery is when a wedge-shaped area of tissue is removed. The area is sutured closed in order to pull the eyelids outward.

How to prevent French bulldog eye problems?

Regular eye cleaning

By regularly cleaning your Frenchie’s tear stains, you can prevent him from developing infections. Even though tear stains are a cosmetic issue, the area around your dog’s eyes should be cleaned twice a week. The following Frenchie World Eye Tear Stain Remover is bactericidal and effectively clean the tear marks.

Moisturize your Frenchie’s eyes

As we already mentioned, this breed is prone to dry eye syndrome because they have flat skulls. That’s why it’s essential to consult with your vet and choose products that will maintain normal ocular moisture.

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Massage the area around the eyes

It might sound silly, but massaging the area around your French bulldog’s eyes can decrease the possibility of developing cherry eye. Eye massage can also heal mild cases of cherry eye and helps in maintaining eye muscles healthy.

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