How Do I Get My French Bulldog To Calm Down?

Black French bulldog on the sand beach

Do you even wish your French bulldog to calm down? We do! Frenchies are known as low-energy dogs, but some of them may be highly hyperactive and capable to spend all day chasing and running. The good news is that not every hyperactive dog will have trouble with behavior. They can only have curious personalities that need to be properly directed.

Why is your French bulldog so hyperactive?

Frenzied dogs, require to get more exercise and training. In that way, you’ll help them release their pent-up energy and make them less prone to unwanted behavior. A Frenchie may act hyperactive due to anxiety, over-excitement, or boredom. Over-excitement is closely connected to having excess energy or being clingy.

Since Frenchies belong to companion dogs, they have been bred to spend time besides their owners. That’s why living with a clingy Frenchie is nothing uncommon. However, there’s a thin line between clinginess, boredom, and separation anxiety. That’s why French bulldog owners should invest plenty of love and energy to properly tailor their dogs personalities from an early age.

Besides, teaching the dog to use his crate, your should also practice ‘ the time of loneliness. In other words, you should gradually teach him to spend time alone with his toys. By helping your pet to become independent, you’ll live with a confident family member.

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When we talk about how to calm down a hyperactive pooch, we can do that by using the right stimulations. Besides taking your pet outside for a long stroll, you can also give him a job by occupying him mentally and physically. Interactive French bulldog toys will teach him to work for food. They also improve the dogs intelligence by leading him to solve different tasks to reach the reward.

Here are some of the tips that will help your Frenchie to calm down:

  • Ignore your dog
  • Don’t show affection
  • Entertain the dog
  • Take your dog on strolls
  • Be careful with your energy
  • Try with aromatherapy

Two girls holding French bulldogs with bead turned back

How ignorance can help you to calm down your Frenchie?

If we ask dog owners what do they think about their dogs over-excited behavior, were sure many of them will say its their way to show happiness. However, its not like that. Calm dogs are those who are truly happy. One of the biggest mistakes dog owners do is to respond with affection to their dogs excitement. That’s how they’ll conclude we love what they’re doing. Therefore, the best way to tell your pet that he’s doing something wrong is to ignore him. Don’t talk, do not make eye contact, and don’t show affection to your Frenchie.

Our dogs can smell our energy

You’ve probably heard for the fact that dogs are our mirrors. They can smell our emotions and whether we are happy or sad. So, if you want to correct your Frenchie’s behavior, you need to be very careful with your emotions and behavior. Yelling and punishing the dog is not allowed. Your pooch needs a confident and steady pack leader that will explain everything with his body language and calm energy.

Aromatherapy helps hyperactive French bulldogs

It might sound silly but aromatherapy can help our dogs too. Scents of oils such as lavender and vanilla can calm our pets. For example, you can buy an air freshener with one of these two scents and monitor your Frenchie’s behavior how he will react.

Lavender flowers on the gray background

Help your Frenchie to release his pent up energy

If your dog constantly spends time indoors and he goes outside only when he needs to go to the toilet, then you got to change this routine. Just like humans, not every Frenchie has the same level of energy. Therefore, think about how to help your dog to feel pleasantly tired! Take him on long relaxing walks, play fetch in your yard, or occupy his mind with one of the dog puzzles.

If your dog gets super excited during plays, then show him that you’re not happy about it. Stop the game, ignore him, and reward him only when he calms down. That’s how he will connect a calm behavior with tasty snacks.

Encourage your Frenchie’s calm behavior

By encouraging your Frenchie’s calm behavior, you’ll explain to him that it’s a desired behavior. If your French bulldog gets motivated with snacks, then you can reward his behavior only when he feels calm and relaxed.

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