10 Best French Bulldog Christmas Gifts

The euphoria of buying Christmas gifts has just begun. Finding the best present for family, friends, and even for your dog can be stressful on the run up to the big day. Luckily, the Frenchie World team has found ten best French bulldog Christmas gifts for all of your loved ones. The only thing you need to do is to sit and relax and choose one of your favorite items.

Ugly Dog Sweater

How can we imagine a holiday season without wearing an ‘ugly sweater’? Well, this year, your pooch will definitely rock in this ugly dog sweater. It is available in 2 designs and made of thermal fabric to make your Frenchie warm at the same time.

Santa Paws Dog Costume

Who’s going to be the cutest Santa this year? Your little gremlin will surely be the center of attention by wearing this Christmas-inspired costume gift. And, to be honest, it’s something that Frenchies like to do the most. Clowning around to catch someone’s eye presents an indispensable part of their everyday life.

Christmas Frenchie Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee

We are sure that no Frenchie owner would like to spend Christmas without his/her furry gremlin. French bulldogs don’t fill our lives only with joy, but they also present our best friends.  Therefore, we need to celebrate love for these furry gremlins. The following Christmas T-shirt is available in many colors and sizes and can be the perfect fit for your winter outfit.

Deer Leather Dog Snow Boots

Winter is the time when we need to pay special attention to the protection of French bulldog paws. Walking on icy surfaces covered with road salt can do severe damages to their paw pads. Burns and irritated skin can be only one of the results. That’ why we recommend you to buy an exceptional Christmas French bulldog gift to your little gremlin. These deer leather dog boots prevent a dog from slipping when walking outside in winter. At the same time, your pooch will feel warm and protected.

Cute Christmas Winter Beanie

Who’s told that hats are only for humans? From now on, your Frenchie can look equally festive as Santa Claus. This cute Christmas Frenchie gift is hand made and comes with an adorable pom on the top.

Christmas French Bulldog Bandana

Wearing bandanas is back in fashion! That’s why we decided to make winter-inspired Frenchie bandanas that will make your dog’s style special. From now on, your lovely furry gremlin can choose between 5 of them.

French Bulldog Christmas Collars

French bulldog collars present an inevitable part when going outside for a stroll. However, they can also be a special detail to your dog’s outfit. The following Christmas collar edition will surely make your dog look festive and incredibly cute.

3D French Bulldog Ceramic Mugs With Bamboo Lid

We bet there is no person who escapes a ritual of drinking the first morning coffee. That’s why we think this will be one of the best Frenchie-inspired gifts for your special person. It’s available in different colors and comes with a Bamboo lid to use it when you drink tea.

Christmas Squeaky Toys

French bulldog toys affect development not only of a dog’s personality but they also serve to occupy a dog’s attention. That’s why we want to represent you with these marvelous Christmas toys. Your pooch will enjoy chewing on them because they release a squeaky sound.

Christmas Warm Coat

Since Frenchies are prone to suffer from hypothermia during winter months, we need to make them feel cozy and warm. The following warm coats present a great holiday look for your dog to wear at Christmas parties, for holiday photo sessions, and for making photo greeting cards. This Santa dog coat is easy to put on with a blanket style and touch fastener at the neck and chest.

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