15 Essential French Bulldog Summer Accessories: And A Few For Frenchie Parents Too

Why stay ordinary when you can become unique? Owning a French bulldog is enough reason for becoming one of the most unique humans in the world! And, thanks to the Frenchie World online store, you can set the fashion trends in the neighborhood with the following 15 Essential French bulldog Summer Accessories. There is something for everyone, both for you and your four-legged friend!

 Frenchie World® Women French Bulldog pool sliders

Forget about wearing boring pool sliders and show some love for your Frenchie. These Women French bulldog pool sliders will provide you with the coziest feeling ever. They are available in black an red colors and feature the anatomical arch support for maximum comfort.

Frenchie World® soft padded harness

Buying a French bulldog harness presents one of the first items to buy on first-time dog owners’ shopping lists. Harnesses are great tools for teaching a dog to walk on the leash because they provide full-body support. This soft padded harness is made of pleasant material that will not cause any irritations to a Frenchie’s sensitive skin. In case your pooch likes to pull a lot, this harness will prevent neck and spine injuries.

Frenchie World® Dog carrier backpack

In case you want to take your French bulldog to endless adventures, I suggest you check the following Frenchie World Dog carrier backpack. It’s made of soft material to prevent your pooch from irritations. The zipper is put for the ease of use, while the mesh serves to prevent your frog dog from overheating.

Frenchie World® Hawaiian hirts

Say Aloha with a style! From now on your furry friend will make everyone turn their heads for this evergreen outfit. The shirts are made of 100% cotton and will become a great addition in protecting your pooch from UVA and UVB sun rays. They are available in many sizes and designs to make your Frenchie the hottest guy on the beach.

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket

Safety comes first! As a Frenchie owner, you are probably familiar with their inability to swim. They actually sink like rocks because of their short and compact bodies, and brachycephalic skulls. The following Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket is available in neon blue and yellow colors to improve visibility while spending time near water.

Frenchie World® Shark life swimming vest

Another best selling swimming vest that comes from the Frenchie World is made of high-quality diving material. It’s easy to adjust and has a D-ring for a leash. It means that you can also enjoy walking by the sea without making any concerns. The handle on the back serves to easy maneuver while you are spending time in the water.

Frenchie World® Dog carrier chest pack

Our dogs are our babies and that’s how it should stay! That’s why I recommend Frenchie owners not to leave their Frenchie puppies home alone from an early age. This Dog carrier is created to be carried on the owner’s chest and it’s available in awesome colors and designs. The zipper serves for easier putting your Frenchie inside of the carrier.

Note that French bulldogs have a tendency to suffer from separation anxiety so it’s not a good idea to leave them home alone unprepared.

Summer Cooling Vest

In order to prevent your Frenchie from getting a heat stroke, buying this Summer Cooling Vest presents a must-have item! The material will cool off your pooch in only a few minutes! Soak the vest, twist it, shake it and dress up your Frenchie. For a better effect, you can also leave the wet vest in a fridge for a few minutes.

Frenchie Baseball Cap

We bet there’s no Frenchie owner who will not like to wear the following Baseball Cap. It is available in 2 colors and can become an inevitable part of your summer outfit. Show everyone how much you love your batpig!

Solid Dog Polo by Frenchie World®

Who has told that polo t-shirts are only for humans? From now on, your French bulldog can also wear them and enjoy being the main trendsetter in the neighborhood. In case you didn’t know, wearing clothes can prevent your French bulldog from different environmental allergens such as dirt, dust, mites, and pollen.

Frenchie World® Dog Hat

Specially created for Frenchie ladies, this dog hat servest to protect their cute heads from overheating. To cool off your furry friend’s head, I suggest you to occasionally spray the hat with water while walking outside. The hat is also available in male designs so you’ll certainly find the right one for your pooch.

Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Travel Bottle Bowl

Every French bulldog owner needs to pay special attention to their dog’s hydration during summer months. The following 2 in 1 travel bottle is a great solution when traveling and spending time outside. There is a separate box for a dry kibble food so your Frenchie can have a meal any time you want.

Summer French Bulldog Cooling Bandana

Another essential item for preventing your batpig from overheating is this Summer French bulldog cooling bandana. It’s made of cooling fabric that can resist heat while walking outside during summer. Soak the bandana, twist is dry, leave it in a fridge, and put on your batpig’s neck!

Frenchie World® Portable dog water bottle

From now on, you’ll never be able to forget to take a dog water bottle with you. It’s because it comes with a hook that you can apply on the leash while going for a walk. It’s available in many colors and the silica gel ring will prevent the bottle from leaking.

French Bulldog Biting Bag Summer t-shirts

The 100% cotton t-shirt is ready to make you cozy this summer. In case you are a proud Frenchie mom, this T-shirt will always remind you of your furry friend. It is available in 6 sizes and will certainly make your clothes Frenchie inspired.

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