What Are The Best Snacks For French Bulldogs?

We all agree that training a French bulldog might sound challenging not because these pooches are difficult to train but because we need to choose good motivational tools. And, what is a better tool than food?

Therefore, whether it’s a training lesson or just a simple reward, choosing the right French bulldog snacks isn’t easy. We all have heard that these batpigs are prone to suffer from allergies and digestive issues if eat something rich in artificial ingredients and hard-to-digest. That’s why we want to represent you with 100% safe, natural, and preservative-free dog snacks for your Frenchie. They are made with plenty of love and care for these little gremlins, and definitely deserve to find the place on your dog’s menu.

Where to find natural French bulldog snacks?

Let’s be honest! We live busy lives and we are not able to always carry full bowls of fresh fruit or vegetables to reward our dogs. On the other hand, finding safe and natural-based treats isn’t easy, so the only option left is to grab the first bag of snacks from the shelf in our local pet store. Since it’s not a wise option especially if you own a Frenchie, we want to introduce you to natural and safe snacks for your French bulldog.

Bubba Rose dog snacks feature real, wholesome, and clean ingredients. Their snacks are free of artificial colors, preservatives, which is extremely important for these little gremlins.

Besides, they don’t use GMO ingredients, salt, soy, wheat, and corn that are known as the main triggers for allergies in French bulldogs. Each ingredient is gluten-free, so your lovely pet won’t experience any discomfort in his gastrointestinal tract. Eating snacks rich in gluten and artificial fillers can cause your pet to experience diarrhea, loose hair condition, and even constant itchiness that can grow into a severe skin issue.

Therefore, we’re proud to represent you to snacks for French bulldogs made by Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. They are specialized dog bakery from the USA that uses fresh and natural ingredients for making hundreds of tasty treats four our dogs daily. We are proud to represent you with the fact that from now on, you’ll be able to order their products from our store, and they’ll arrive directly at your home.

Before you decide to sneak into our wide assortment of dog snacks for French bulldogs, we need to note that buying healthy treats for your dog doesn’t mean that you’re gonna spoil him. It means that you only care about what he eats. Stop feeding your dog with your food leftovers, and invest in his health by choosing treats that are great sources of vitamins and proteins. This should be the main direction of every responsible dog owner.

Why it’s important to choose healthy snacks for French bulldogs?

We can’t deny that these little gremlins steal everyone’s hearts from the first sight. It’s not only because they have bat ears and piggy bodies, but also because they’re the most charming creatures in the world. They like being the center of attention and are always ready to clown around with kids. Aside from being so gorgeous, you probably heard about their tendency to suffer from allergies.

Due to their brachycephalic skulls and sensitive digestive systems, these batpigs can show allergic reactions to food and environmental allergens. That’s why it’s extremely important to carefully choose ingredients you’ll include in your dog’s menu. While some owners choose the Barf diet for French bulldogs, the others prefer feeding them with dry kibble. And, it’s totally ok. Such a decision depends only on the dog’s food tolerance and his digestive system.

However, no dog can imagine life without snacks. Dog snacks represent the main motivational tools, so we use them for training lessons, showing obedience, and in case of traveling or some other occasion when we are not able to feed our pets with their regular meals.

As we can conclude, French bulldog snacks take an important place in your dog’s life. That’s why we need to find those that will be free of artificial colors, flavors, and all those nasty ingredients that could harm our four-legged family members.

 What are the best ‘salty’ gourmet French bulldog snacks by Bubba Rose Biscuit Co?

Although they don’t use salt in their products, these ‘salty’ gourmet snacks are based on different types of meat, peanut butter, and a mix of dog-safe spices. Besides, they use only fresh veggies that are locally grown in the USA. Before you make a wrong conclusion that ‘gourmet treats’ is the name for something spicy and artificial, we need to note that the name gourmet is referring to treats that are made in small batches with high-quality ingredients. Therefore, when buying snacks for your Frenchie, your main guideline should be ‘the shorter the list of ingredients is, the better the snacks are’.

One of the most popular gourmet-treats among our Frenchies is I Heart Cheese Biscuits. What’s better than an amazing smell of cheddar cheese and delicious bacon? If you ask us, your Frenchie will taste a new level of hedonism. These snacks are gluten-free and made with rice and oat flours. They are natural, fresh, and simple. No artificial colors, or other harmful ingredients that would cause allergies in your dog.Pizza Crust Biscuits is our second pick of gourmet dog treats. Enriched with tomato paste, eggs, and cheddar cheese, your Frenchie won’t desperately stare at you the next time you order pizza for dinner. He will enjoy his own dog pizza that won’t cause him to experience any digestive issues.


Including fish in our dog’s diet is essential. Fish such as salmon is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that promote a healthy and shiny coat. Therefore, we recommend you to check Alaskan for More Biscuits. They feature meat of wild-caught salmon, eggs, oat, and rice flours.


Can French bulldogs eat sweet? Well, now they can!

It’s true that dogs can’t eat sugar. However, when they are made with the right ingredients, you can use them as occasional treats. Bubba Rose biscuits contain sufficient and permissible amounts of sugar that your dog needs. The carob chips box contains 18 cookies, that are rich in wildflower honey, eggs, peanut butter, carob chips, oat, and rice flours. Cookies are packed in a wonderful gift box that is decorated with a satin ribbon.

Blueberry & Oat Fruit Crate Box is our second pick that you can use for your dog’s rewarding. The cookies are rich in blueberries, beet powder, cinnamon, and vanilla. They smell so gorgeous and you’ll surely hardly resist not to steal one from your pet.blueberry-oat-fruit-crate-box-green-sooty-petcare-18928734371989_590x-1-7670811

And did you know that from now on your dog can eat dog-safe macarons? The Macaron box contains 8 delicious French-inspired macarons that contain classic peanut butter, yogurt coating, and vegetable colors.


Wrapping up

We hope that you’ll change your mind about choosing cheap dog treats for your Frenchie. When you rip off the top and open the bag of Bubba Rose biscuits, you’ll realize the difference. Each biscuit is made by hand and features the top quality of ingredients. The recipes are carefully made to suit dogs with a tendency to allergies and sensitive gastrointestinal tracts, so your Frenchie will not only enjoy occasional treats but also delicious vitamin bombs that are high in proteins and vitamins.

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