Can Dogs Get Coronavirus? French bulldogs and Covid-19


After the World Health Organization declared that Coronavirus became a pandemic, people became worried not only for themselves but also for their dogs and cats. Since this type of virus has not been sufficiently examined yet, we have little or no information about the danger to our pets.


Can Dogs Get Coronavirus? Do we have an answer?

After several examinations conducted last week in Hong Kong, authorities updated their reports about a dog affected by a coronavirus. A dog has been tested several times after his owner became infected by Covid-19. The tests have shown that the canine has a low-grade infection and it’s put under quarantine but it’s not sick.

The affected dog belongs to the Pomeranian dog breed and still doesn’t show the symptoms of the virus. According to China’s epidemiologist Li Lanjuan, the dog owners should be cautious. Since Covid-19 is the virus that has emerged from an animal source, we should be careful with other mammals, especially pets.

While the World health experts still claim there are low chances of transmitting the virus to our dogs, we still don’t know how to act. We all need to take our dogs to regular walks because it’s part of their nature. On the other hand, our dogs can’t tell us if something bothers them. That’s why we should keep an eye on their behavior and check their gums and nose. Red gums and dry and hot nose, lethargy, loss of coordination, and coughing can be only some of the symptoms we can notice when a dog feels ill.

 Tips for dog owners and their pets during the pandemic of Coronavirus

Regardless of whether you are a dog or a cat owner, we want to remind you to adopt good hygiene practices. Wash both your hands and your dog’s paws every time you come back home from outside. Our dogs’ paws are great sources of bacterias because they pick up dirt from the environment.

The best way to perform a good cleaning of your Frenchie’s paws is to wash them with water and mild dog shampoo. Do not use human soaps because they can only dry out the dog’s skin and make it susceptible to infections. If you don’t have an opportunity to clean your dog’s paws with water, you can use wet wipes.

After you clean your dog’s fur with wet wipes, we also suggest you apply the following Dry cleaning foam. It provides an anti-bacterial effect and protects your dog’s fur from invisible harmful motes in the air. It can be a great solution to disinfect your Frenchie when you come back from a stroll.

While doctors claim that medical alcohol is the best disinfectant for humans, it should not be a good pick for your dog.


We all know that dogs like to lick their paws when they come in contact with something new. However, putting alcohol on a dog’s paws can burn their skin and cause poisoning. Therefore, instead of alcohol, you can use our Portable Pet Paw Cleaner. It’s completely safe for dogs, without fragrance and other harmful ingredients.

The gentle brush will clean your Frenchie’s paws from dirt and bacteria which is one of the important preventions during the pandemic coronavirus.

When we talk about bathing a Frenchie, we recommend you to perform it by using the following French bulldog shower brush. It thoroughly cleans the fur and has a box to add a shampoo.

Another tip includes avoiding kissing your Frenchie. This virus is transmitted through drops and mucus, so kissing your pet can be a step towards danger. If you need to travel with your French bulldog, make sure you wear a protective mask and put your dog in a French bulldog backpack carrier bag.

Frequently wash your Frenchie’s feeding bowl and allow him to have free access to water whenever he wants to drink it.

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