Does My Frenchie Know I’m Pregnant? Revealed!


We all know that dogs are surprisingly observant. Since their owners are the center of their world, our Frenchies are capable to ‘sniff’ certain changes in your bodies. Some pooches have even developed abilities to detect diabetes, cancer, and other life-threatening conditions in human bodies. So, besides we consider them for our best friends, our dogs are sort of ‘doctors’ that can really save our lives. Aside from this part, there’s a question I often hear from French bulldog owners. ‘Does My Frenchie Know I’m Pregnant‘ is the topic we’ll relieve int this article.


Does Your Frenchie know that you’re pregnant?

Changes in your body scent

One of the first things your Frenchie will notice about your pregnancy is the smell of your body. Every pregnant woman experience certain hormonal changes that will affect the scent of her skin. Therefore, if your Frenchie sniffs you more than usual, then he’s probably curious to find out what’s going on with your body.

Changes in your body appearance

Besides pregnancy prepares you for the most beautiful role in your life, it also brings gaining weight. It is an unavoidable feature that your dog will definitely notice. Since our dogs are routine creatures that memorize daily activities, time for meals, and strolls, they’ll surely notice your frequent going to the toilet and slow walking. So, you should not be surprised if your dog starts behaving protectively towards you. He’ll figure out that something is going on and that you’re not so skillful as you used to be.

 Emotional changes

It’s an undeniable fact that women become more emotional during pregnancy. They experience a true roller coaster of emotions, so there’s no way that your Frenchie would not notice these changes. Some pooches may even become fearful to see their owners acting strangely. Therefore, I advise you to try to keep your emotional changes in normal limits.


A pack leader role switching

Since your Frenchie will notice all the previously mentioned changes in your body and routines, it’s nothing odd to spot that your dog will try to switch the roles. There’s no doubt that you’ll become more sensitive in your Frenchie’s eyes, so he’ll try to protect you. In other words, he will start to act as your ‘parent’ and try to meet all your needs.

 Preparing a French Bulldog for a baby

This might be one of the most difficult tasks in your life, so that’s why I recommend you to read our article about How to prepare a French bulldog for a baby. Note that your Frenchie may start acting jealousy, so that’s why you need to teach and prepare him for a new role. The lessons include a step-by-step guide to introducing a dog to a baby, as well as teaching both a dog and baby how to behave towards each other.

 Does My Frenchie Know I’m Pregnant? What to expect from your dog?

– As the months go by, your French bulldog will show a heightened sensitivity to otherwise familiar people.

– He’ll become more snuggly and tend to sniff your belly.

– Your pooch will probably star to follow you through the house more than usual to check if you need his help.

– Begging for attention will become another part of your dog’s daily routine. Being pregnant brings emotions not only to you and your family members but also to your Frenchie. Therefore, my advice is to support your Frenchie by showing him affection. In the end, your dog and your future child will make an unbreakable friendship for life.

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