My Frenchie Has Bad Breath, What Can I Do?

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We all know that dog owners love to kiss, hug and cuddle their pets. However, when a pet has bad breath,  it’s the last thing you would like to do. Since French bulldog bad breath with a fishy smell can point out different underlying conditions, you have to find out the root of the problem.

Why Does My Frenchies Breath Smell So Bad?

Well…we certainly can’t expect that our dog’s breath will always smell fresh. However, if your Frenchie constantly deals with the foul or fishy breath, it’s essential to determine the exact cause.

Here are the most common reasons for a French bulldog bad breath:

  • Oral hygiene
  • Diabetes
  • Bad diet
  • Infected facial folds
  • Kidney disease

Oral Hygiene

Just like us, our dogs require daily teeth brushing. In case this routine seems like an impossible mission, our recommendation is to try dental sticks or dental water additives.

Dental sticks are not only yummy, but they also help in preventing your dog from tartar and plaque. On the other hand, dental water additives work as a mouthwash for our pets. They freshen our Frenchie’s breath,  prevent bacterial growth, fight plaque, and reduce tartar buildup.

French bulldog toys can also be of great help in keeping your dog’s teeth clean. Chew toys that are made from durable rubber represent the perfect option for dogs who are going through a teething phase. Besides, they make dogs occupied and teach them not to chew on home items. If you’re suspecting that your Frenchie has bad breath due to underlying periodontal disease, we recommend you schedule a vet appointment.

Bone toothbrush dog toy will be a great pick for keeping a dog entertained and its teeth healthy. It’s made of durable rubber and features a place where you should add dog toothpaste. As your dog chews it, the toothpaste will be released and thoroughly clean his teeth. The Zig Zag design is intentionally used to allow the dog’s teeth to enter the holes.

Bone toothbrush toy

Diabetes in French Bulldogs

According to studies, when a French bulldog’s breath smells like chemicals or acetone, it’s often a sign that he suffers from diabetes. Dogs who suffer from diabetes can also deal with obesity, so consulting a vet is over needed in such situations.

The fruity and sweet scent of breath can also be a sign of high blood sugar levels. Since diabetes can lead to a number of health problems, it’s important to regularly take your Frenchie to health checks.

Bad Diet

Besides poor oral hygiene which takes the first place on the list, a bad diet can also be the cause of your French bulldog’s bad breath.

To escape flatulence, smelly breath, and allergies in your Frenchie, we recommend you choose only high-quality dog food from famous brands. Note that some pooches can show allergies to eggs, corn, soy, chicken, by-products, and artificial colors and flavors.

Kidney Disease

When a dog’s breath smells like urine or ammonia, it’s often a sign that it deals with kidney disease. It’s because the urea is not properly eliminated through the kidneys, so Frenchie’s breath starts to smell bad. Kidney disease is caused by halitosis which is actually triggered by periodontal disease.

Infected Facial Folds

In case you’re not sure whether the bad smell comes from your Frenchie’s mouth or some other spot, we recommend you check his/her facial folds first.

The facial fold on a French bulldog’s face can hide food leftovers that can start to stink. That’s why it’s extremely important to regularly check those moist and dark places and thoroughly clean them with wet wipes. Frenchie’s facial folds can easily become infected and start to smell bad if we don’t do daily cleaning.

Frenchie bad breath

Is it Common for a French Bulldog toHave Bad Breath?

The answer to this question depends on many things and one of them is your French bulldog’s diet. Keeping your dog’s teeth and folds clean is equally important since they can trigger a bad smell.

Dogs who eat raw ingredients will have less smelly breath and better coats. Besides, Frenchies who suffer from allergies are much better to react on raw ingredients since they are free of additives, flavors, and other harmful elements.

So, in case you’re thinking to change your French bulldog’s diet, we recommend you first consult your vet and perform it gradually. Any sudden change in diet can lead to diarrhea, gasses, and other gastrointestinal problems.

BARF diet for French bulldogs will be a great option for dogs of all ages, however, you’ll have to be very careful when buying meat. Raw meat can carry bacteria, so the rule of thumb is to buy it only at trusted and certified butchers.

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