French Bulldog – Pug Mix: Pros and Cons of this Rare Designer Breed


So far, the French bulldog breed has been crossed with many dog breeds. The main reason for it is getting a designer dog with healthier characteristics. Since Frenchies are prone to suffer from breathing issues, breeders often cross them with dogs with a longer muzzle. When we talk about French bulldog and Pug mix, people often do not differentiate between these two dogs.

The similarities between French bulldogs and Pugs


Both Frenchie and Pug belong to brachycephalic dog breeds. They are famous companion dogs and act very friendly to people, children, and other dogs as well.

When we talk about their temperament, French bulldogs and Pugs are playful and very intelligent. However, they also have a tendency to show stubbornness when they are not in a mood to learn tricks.


Pay attention to weather conditions

Frenchies, as well as Pugs, can’t sustain cold and hot weather. Due to their shortened nostrils, going for a walk on a hot sunny day may turn out to be fatal. On the other hand, their one-layered coat makes them incapable to sustain low temperatures. That’s why is highly advisable to provide them with a warm coat and snow boots in winter, and with plenty of water and socks in summer. Wearing sock or mesh boots is advisable because in that way you’ll protect your dog’s paws from getting blisters, burn and become dry and cracked.



Another French bulldog and Pug similarity can be found in the way of their nutrition. They need to eat multiple small portions in order to escape stomach flatulence. Choosing the appropriate diet is of high importance as well since both dog breeds are prone to allergies. I advise you not to buy food rich in corn, soy, by-products, and artificial preservatives. In my opinion, the best pick for Frenchies and Pugs present the BARF diet. In that way, you’ll be the only one who will control what your pooch eats.



Talking about their activity requirements, these two gremlins don’t require much exercise. It would be enough to take them for 2 or 3 short walks during a day to satisfy their needs. It’s true that they don’t need a lot of exercises however, it doesn’t mean they don’t need it all. Exercising is extremely important in order to prevent them from obesity.

The Differences between French bulldogs and Pugs


If we take a look at the origins of French bulldogs and Pugs, we will notice that they don’t have common origins. Although they both possess dozens of similarities, Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

Pugs’ roots go back 400 years BC. They come from China, as well as other famous emperor dog breeds such as Shih Tzu and Pekingese. However, when the Dutch traders brought Pugs to Europe in the 1500s, they became a total hit.


Legend holds that the Pug became the mascot of Holland’s royal House of Orange when a Pug saved the life of the Prince of Orange by barking to warn the prince of an attack on his camp by Spanish troops. When William and Mary of Orange arrived in England to assume the monarchy, their Pugs accompanied them and began a craze for the breed among the British.

On the other hand, French bulldog breed roots go back to the 1800s. They were created in England by crossing the English bulldog and other domestic terrier breeds. Later, these furry gremlins were brought to France by the Nottingham lace markers.



Talking about the size of these two dog breeds, French bulldogs are slightly bigger than Pugs. The recommended weight for a Pug is not to exceed 20 pounds, while for a Frenchie it’s 28 pounds.


Pugs have curled, pig-like tails while French bulldogs don’t have developed tail at all. Because of their naturally cropped tail, it’s extremely important to clean a French bulldog tail pocket in order to escape different infections.


Unlike French bulldog’s erected bat-looking ears, Pugs have flopped ears.

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Frenchies have a smooth and shorter coat than Pugs. Pugs’ coat is visibly thicker.


Pugs’ average lifespan is 12-15 years, while French bulldogs live 10-12 years. However, these statements much depend on a dog’s health history and genes.

 How does a French bulldog and Pug Mix look like?

By taking into account all the previously mentioned facts, you can conclude that a Frenchie and Pug mix will be an interesting and unique-looking dog. Otherwise called a Frug dog, this designer dog usually takes Frenchie’s bat ears and Pug’s curled tail. Of course, the Frug dog will also have a visible black mask around eyes and muzzle (in a case when both dogs have cream or fawn coats).

The Frug’s average weight ranges between 15-30 pounds, while their lifespan expectancy goes from 10 to 15 years. The height of a Frug dog (Frenchie Pug) goes between 13-15 inches.

In the end, French bulldog and Pug mix would be a perfect choice if you’re having a dilemma what breed to choose. It’s a designer dog that adores the owner’s attention, kids, and big families.

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