Frenchie World New Arrivals For The Spring Season


We’ve already stepped into the spring season and that’s enough big reason to refresh your dog’s closet too. We’ve selected 10 picks of the must-have Frenchie World New Arrivals, and we’re sure you’ll find the one that your dog will adore wearing.

The cutest Frenchie World New Arrivals for the spring season

1. Three Stripes Frenchie Hoodie

Made of 100 % cotton, this French bulldog hoodie will keep your pet warm during those chilly spring evenings. At the same time, you can use it as a protective layer from environmental allergens. It is available in 4 colors, and you can even match it with your outfit too.

 2. French bulldog sailor t-shirt

Make your dog spotted wherever you appear in our French bulldog sailor t-shirt. It’s made of breathable cotton and blue and red colors. Since it’s stretchable, you can be sure that your pet will feel pleasant wearing it. Whether you need a solution for a special occasion or a protective layer that will keep the seasonal pollen away from your dog’s fur, this t-shirt will rule them both.french-bulldog-sailor-sweatshirt-frenchie-world-shop-blue-fb-31582592663701-2861122

3. French bulldog Pastel Organic hoodie

One of our favorite picks of Frenchie World’s new arrivals is definitely this French bulldog pastel organic hoodie. It has been inspired by pastel organic colors and comes with a sporty kangaroo pocket and a hood. The zipper will ease the dressing, and the fabric is breathable and pleasant to touch. Your four-legged friend can wear it on breezy spring days when it needs an extra layer to stay warm.

 4. Spring Hawaiian French bulldog shirt

Do you want your little gremlin to always look fabulous? Well, if you adore dressing your Frenchie in exclusive and spotty clothes, then this will surely become your favorite pick. The shirt is crafted according to Frenchie’s proportions, and the tropical vibes will perfectly fit into the blooming season. Bring the festive dose to your dog’s outfit even when you go for a walk!


5. Vibrant French bulldog bandanas

We all know that wearing accessories give us a final touch to our outfits. That’s why your little Frenchie deserves to wear an exceptional detail that will put a cherry on top. Our Vibrant French bulldog bandanas come in different patterns and can be worn over a collar.

6. Frenchie Lady T-shirt

Since we can’t forget about Frenchie moms, we’ve decided to put on the list an item for all those ladies who are dedicated to their dogs. This graphic printed tee for women is made of cotton. It’s emblazoned with a cute Frenchie girl and can be perfectly matched with jeans and other casual clothes.

7. Orthopedic No-pull French bulldog harness

If you think it’s the ultimate time to replace your dog’s old harness, then we suggest you have a look at the following one. This French bulldog harness is suitable for Frenchies of all ages. It’s made of nylon webbing that has been padded with breathable mesh to escape irritations. The handle on the back serves as support both for young or senior pooches when they need to climb the stairs or jump in the car. The harness is available in 2 colors and has a solid D ring to attach the leashorthopedic-no-pull-french-bulldog-harness-frenchie-world-shop-15788983451693-5596971

8. French bulldog grooming glove

How can we forget about the French bulldog shedding during the spring season? Since this is the part of the year when your dog needs grooming more than anything else in his life, we need to introduce you to our new French bulldog grooming glove. It has dozens of soft rubber pins that will collect your dog’s dead hair, and it will help you reach all the places on your pet’s body.

 9. Ice Cream French bulldog hoodies

Specially crafted for our Frenchie girls, this hoodie will make your four-legged princess pretty and perky wherever she paws in. It’s made of soft and breathable fabric and the hood is emblazoned with lace. The hoodie has a leash for a hole and it’s available in light pink pastel color.

10. British plaid French bulldog shirt

Perfect to wear on special occasions, this plaid French bulldog shirt will make your batpig look delightful and unique. The cut is tailored to fit the French bulldog breed, and since it has been inspired by the human clothing, you can match it with your outfit.british-plaid-french-bulldog-shirt-frenchie-world-shop-a01-xs-15964147449901-1815908

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