Best Way To Cool Down A French Bulldog

How to cool down a French bulldog

Many of us would agree that the summer season is the best part of the year. However, for our Frenchies, it may turn out to be one of the worst nightmares if they don’t get essential protection. Since they’re on a higher tendency to get heatstroke, it’s important to provide them with cooling items that will keep their body temperature in optimal ranges. To stay safe during the hottest part of the year, we’ve made a list of the best summer items in 2020.

French bulldog looking at a lake

How To Cool Down An Overheated Dog?

Just like humans, dogs require to drink plenty of water on hot weather. Therefore, make sure your dog always has free access to fresh water at any time of the day. Since French bulldogs have flat skulls and restricted airflows, they’re on a higher tendency to become overheated. Another reason why do these pooches need help is because they can’t sweat like humans. They may sweat through their paw pads, however, those spots aren’t big enough to quickly release the temperature.

So, as one of the most important tips to keep in mind is to always take a bottle of water when taking a Frenchie for a stroll. The following Portable water bottle comes with a practical and unique extension that serves as a water bowl. It has a capacity of 480 ml, and by pressing the button, you’ll release the water

French Bulldog Cooling collar

Summer collars represent one of the best items that provide dogs with a cooling effect. The following one is filled with gel packs that serve to keep a dog safe for a long time. To get the best effect, you should leave it in the fridge for an hour.

Since the neck area contains hundreds of receptors that are otherwise known as refreshment spots, we’ve decided to create a collar that will keep your dog’s head safe from heatstroke. This cooling collar features adjustable loops and it will gradually release the cold from gel fillers.

French Bulldog Cooling Bandana

Similar to the previous one, a cooling bandana serves to provide refreshment during the hot weather. It should be worn wet and as your dog walks outside, the mesh cooling collar will keep him safe from overheating.

French Bulldog Cooling Vest

Dog cooling vest became very popular among dog owners thanks to the fast cooling effect they provide. They’re made of special fabrics that help in keeping a dog safe from overheating and harmful UV rays. Since Frenchies have short and thin coats, their skin may become red and develop sunburns if becomes exposed to direct sunlight for an extended time. Owners of dogs with white, blue, lilac, and cream coats should pay special attention when we talk about protecting their skin.

That’s why we want to introduce you to a 2 in 1 solution for keeping a Frenchie safe from the sun and hotness. The following Summer cooling vest should be worn wet. If you want to provide your dog with a stronger cooling effect, you can place the wet vest in the fridge for approximately an hour.

Frenchie World® Dog Hat

To keep your dog protected from the sun and to prevent him/her from heatstroke, we recommend you use this fancy piece of accessorizing. Your little pup will become spotted and safe, and while the holes for ears have carefully sewn edges to prevent discomfort.

Summer Cooling Bed

Dog beds filled with gel are one of the best items to use when you want to keep your French bulldog cool. If you’ve noticed that your Frenchie breathes fast not only outdoor but also indoor, then it’s time to use the Self-cooling pad bed.

To get the best effect, place the bed in the coolest place in the house and allow your Frenchie to spend the summer season on it.

Summer Cooling French Bulldog Furniture Cover

If you adore spending time with your dog on the couch then this summer item will become your favorite choice. This summer cooling furniture cover is lightweight, made of cooling fabric, and easy to clean. It features the surface cold ice silk that won’t make your dog warm during the summer months. Besides, it represents  perfect solution for keeping a couch clean of the dog’s hair.

Neon French Bulldog Life Jacket

Since Frenchies can’t swim due to their brachycephalic skulls, short legs, and stout bodies, they gotta use life jackets when going to swim. Our Neon French bulldog life jacket is ensured with floating panels and features a safety handle on the back. In that way, you’ll keep your pet safe from drowning, and the neon color and reflective parts will keep him visible.

Frenchie World® 360 Dog Washer

From now on, you can turn the hot days into real fun by using the following dog washer. It is one of the best ways to keep your French bulldog cool in the summer.

You just need to connect the water hose to the washer and to provide your pet with a pleasant cooling effect. It also features the addition where you can add a shampoo so your dog can get thorough bathing too.

Palm Trees Hawaiian French Bulldog Shirt

Since your Frenchie gotta look fabulous on any occasion, we think that you would like to see him/her wearing the following palm trees Hawaiian French bulldog shirt. It features breathable cotton that will provide your pet with essential ventilation and protection against sun rays.

The shirt is available in different colors and represents a cute pick for showing around. Your pup will definitely catch everyone’s eye and would enjoy wearing it!

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