How To Breed French Bulldogs? Can They Mate On Their Own?

French Bulldog family reflects topic on how to breed French Bulldogs

So how to breed French Bulldogs? Many people agree that it is difficult. Since only a small percentage of Frenchies can mate on their own, it’s not surprising why these pooches are high in price. Getting a litter of healthy French bulldog puppies requires plenty of time, money, and energy. Since becoming a reputable breeder isn’t easy, you’ll have to carefully select dogs for mating, check their health history and genes, and stay prepared for pricey health screenings.

How to breed French bulldogs? What do you need to know?

If you love these dogs so much and have owned French bulldogs for years, then it is not surprising why you want to become a breeder of these lovely gremlins. French bulldogs steal our hearts with their unique appearances, huge hearts, and cheerful natures.

They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world because they easily fit any family. Their compact size and low energy level make them perfect pets for apartment living conditions. On the other hand, French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from different health issues if not bred properly. Due to this reason, these little batpigs are one of the most expensive dogs in the market. The price of quality and well-bred French bulldog puppies usually ranges between 1,500 $- 15,000 $. Yes, that’s right. Frenchie puppies can be very expensive depending on the size, color, and carried genes.

To become a reputable breeder of French bulldog puppies, you have to be prepared to cross a long way to success. Producing a quality litter of puppies isn’t easy. This is the list of things to do before you start to build your credibility as a breeder.

  • Choose the right Frenchie dam and sir

Selecting the right French bulldog dam and sir may sound like the most difficult task. Those dogs have to be of perfect health and come from a quality bloodline. They represent the pillar of characteristics your future puppies will have and pass on to other cousins. Try to find Frenchies who have general appearances according to the AKC. Observe their temperament, trainability, and personality because the puppies will get a big part of those features from their parents. The rest of the characteristics and overall health condition will depend on the care, training, socialization, and diet the puppies will get.

  • Artificial insemination is preferable

How to breed French bulldogs naturally? Well, this is one of the questions many of you ask. The truth is that most French bulldogs can’t mate on their own due to their narrow hips and short legs. Frenchie dams have too narrow hips, so males find it very difficult to mount them. As the result, most Frenchies will need to go through artificial insemination which is an extra cost for a breeder. The method of artificial insemination is much easier for a female and successful in 90%.

  • Pregnancy and prenatal care is a must

If you’re preparing your Frenchie female for a pregnancy, then you have to pay special attention to her diet. Your furry princess will need more vitamins, calcium, and proteins to promote the healthy development of puppies in her belly. Performing ultrasounds and radiographs during your French bulldog’s pregnancy is also important. In that way, your vet will be able to discover the number of puppies your dam expects and whether they develop properly.

  • C-section as the safest option

Frenchies have small pelvises and large heads. Due to this fact, they can’t give birth naturally. Performing natural labor takes high risks of delivering stillborn and may turn out to be fatal for a dam. Therefore, get ready to put this cost on your list. It’s the safest option for your dog is to deliver puppies through a Cesarean section. Your Frenchie will also need a safe and quiet place to recover after labor, so it’s recommended to set up a whelping box or a crate for her and her puppies.

Breeding French bulldogs? Wrapping up!

Breeding French bulldogs might sound difficult. However, only people who truly love these dogs will be ready to invest plenty of time, energy, and money. To become a certified breeder, the first step is carefully selecting dogs and owning a fertile female.

A French bulldog dam should be capable of carrying a litter, so that’s why it’s highly important to check whether she’s healthy. Mating dogs of quality bloodlines will give you a litter of healthy puppies.

Joining different local breed clubs will help you join the market and become recognizable in your area. This step will also help you meet other breeders and find studs and bitches for further breeding your French bulldogs. Today, we can’t imagine buying dogs without internet research about breeders. Therefore, creating a good reputation on social networks will also have a great impact on your popularity as a breeder.

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