How To Choose The Right Breeder For Your French Bulldog Puppy?

If you already decided to own a French bulldog puppy, the following step should be searching for the right breeder. However, future dog owners should also know that’s not the only way for getting a puppy. French bulldogs like many other breeds often end up in dog rescue centers.

Why does it happen?

It mostly happens due to the health issues they develop later in their lifetime. Since they are prone to suffer from hip dysplasia, different types of allergies, and cherry eyes, the only thing Frenchie owners get are high medical bills. But, one of the questions many owners ask is how to know whether the puppy they’ve just bought is healthy? How will they know if the puppy they’ve spent an enormous amount of money will not have any health issues? What should they do with an ill dog? These are only some of the questions they ask themselves. Unfortunately, there’s not many reputable French bulldog breeder nowadays. Those ‘so-called ‘breeders only want to earn a lot of money by producing rare colored French bulldog puppies. Another fact most people don’t know is that not all rare colored Frenchies are unhealthy. You can also find a completely healthy blue, lilac or chocolate French bulldog that will have a long lifespan and no health issues. The key to getting a healthy puppy is in an ethical way of breeding.

What is ethical breeding?

Ethical breeders will never have a large number of puppies in the litter. A trusted breeder is not able to live from selling puppies. Dog breeding simply should not be a business done correctly. For true breeders, their French bulldog litter means everything. They put a lot of love, energy, and time to get puppies they’ll be proud of.  They’ll always tend to produce one healthy puppy than 5 sick pooches. To be honest, owning a French bulldog is not easy at all. Those dogs need the appropriate training, as well as nutrition to stay in a good shape. Frenchie owners should also know how to act with them since they’re also prone to develop a separation anxiety disorder. Since for those lovely batpigs is not advisable to spend plenty of time alone, they may start suffering very easily. These are only some of the facts people don’t know when buying a French bulldog puppy. Therefore, we often can see them left in dog rescue centers. It happens when dog owners don’t know to find the way out in most situations.

How many puppies do French bulldogs may have in a litter?

Pregnant French bulldog bitches can’t have large litters because of their tiny stature bodies. However, the average number of puppies usually goes from 3-5 at a time. It’s good to mention that the less litter a Frenchie bitch has, the better the circumstances for her. French bulldog moms to be are also not able to deliver the pups naturally. They must go through a C-section due to their narrow hips. After the pups are born, breeders help the Frenchie mom to feed her babies.

The breeder/ owner needs to sit with the puppies all the time to make sure they had their meal. To get a better lactation, Frenchie moms also need to eat meat/protein-based food. The best food to give a Frenchie dam (Frenchie mom) is a junior puppy food. It has a higher percentage of meat, so the dam will produce more milk for her puppies. Since a Frenchie dam can’t have a natural puppy delivery, French bulldog owners need to schedule the C-section before the expected date of puppy birth.

Why are French bulldog puppies so expensive?

First of all, people should know that they can’t expect to get a high-quality puppy for a small amount of money. The low price of a dog tells you that a breeder doesn’t have any proof to show you about the puppy’s background history. Unfortunately, there aren’t so many quality and healthy Frenchies available nowadays. Here are some of the most common reasons for the high price of French bulldog puppies.

Not every French bulldog can breed naturally due to its hips. The natural mating process is almost impossible. Therefore, Frenchie females must be artificially inseminated. As you can conclude, this process costs a lot of money, energy, and time.

Another reason for determining French bulldog puppy price is the C-section. Since Frenchie females can’t have a naturally occurred puppy delivery, this kind of surgery also takes a certain amount of money. In comparison to the size of the birth canal of the Frenchie moms, large heads and shoulders of puppies are the main reasons for performing a C-section.

When we put on paper all requirements every French bulldog breeder should complete, the price of Frenchie puppies seems reasonable. One more reason for determining the price is the number of puppies in a litter.

When the birth delivery process is finished, the owners/breeders take important roles again. Since Frenchie females are not capable of being left with puppies alone, owners/breeders take care of feeding the puppies.

By taking into account all these facts, these wonderful dogs should not cost less than 2.000 $. That’s why their prices usually range from 2,000- 15,000 $. You’ll never find a reputable breeder selling his/her puppies for a small amount of money. Another reason for the high price of rare colored Frenchies is the fact that they’re created by recessive genes. They naturally occur in every 5th Frenchie in the world. This implies that such dogs’ genes must be inherited both from males and females. By observing all the researches, there aren’t inherent health problems associated with unusual French bulldog coat colors.

What to expect from an ethical breeder?

  • An ethical breeder will always tend to better the breed. He/she carefully examines each puppy to discover possible health problems.
  • A trusted and ethical breeder will always provide you with proof of absence on certain health problems. Different health concerns can be found in dog health registries and they vary from breed to breed.
  • Ethical breeders never sell puppies to anyone. They carefully pick a prospective buyer and ask a lot of questions. For example, what are your plans for that puppy? Do you want to use it for shows or do you only want a companion? That’s why your answers when buying a Frenchie puppy should be clear and honest.
  • Every trusted breeder will provide you with a guarantee for a French bulldog you want to buy. The guarantee should cover all important facts like parent and puppy health history.
  • It’s not advisable to believe a breeder who has many litters at one time. That tells you a lot about his intentions. It’s to earn a lot of money from selling puppies.

Adopting a French bulldog puppy- what to expect?

One of the options of getting a French bulldog puppy may be adopting a dog from one of the dog rescue centers. There will be no greater happiness for such a dog to again feel the warm family atmosphere and love. However, a person who decides to make this step should know that such ownership would not be easy at all. He/She will need to put a lot of effort in properly training an adopted Frenchie. Unfortunately, most dogs left in rescues are usually little trained. It includes potty training as well as performing other commands like sit down, stand up and so.

Another thing people who want to adopt a rescue Frenchie is that such a dog has probably been left due to his health issues. That’s why a person who wants to adopt a puppy Frenchie should be ready on spending a certain amount of money on medical bills.

Pros of adopting a shelter French bulldog dog

  • In most cases, you’ll not find a French bulldog puppy left in a shelter because most of the problems happen through their late lifetime. One of the pros of adopting an adult French bulldog dog is that such a dog is often tempered and calm. Senior dogs are also less prone to develop anxiety.
  • You’re saving a French bulldog’s life! There’s no better feeling than knowing a rescue dog will have a warm home and plenty of love in the future.
  • By adopting a dog, you’ll save a lot of money.
  • The good news about adult French bulldogs is that they’re house trained and know at least additional basic commands.
  • An adult French bulldog would be the right fit for you, especially in case you live in an apartment. They require less exercise and only two daily walks which can be really great in case you have a busy schedule.

Cons of adopting a shelter French bulldog dog

  • One of the most important cons of adopting a shelter dog would be a dog’s health issues. Adult or senior French bulldogs can show some age-related issues such as loss of vision, sense of hearing, and hip and joint issues. Therefore, an owner of such a dog should be prepared on spending a certain amount of money on solving the dog’s
  • An adult French bulldog can show some undesirable behaviors since he has already picked it through his lifetime. You can teach adult Frenchie new tricks, however, old tricks can’t be easily undone.
  • It’s sad to mention that you’ll spend not many years with some senior Frenchie dog. Especially in the case when he already has health difficulties.
  • You’ll probably not have any information about the dog’s health background. It could be frustrating since you can’t know what to expect.

Making a final decision

Whatever decision you make the most important thing is to provide your Frenchie with plenty of love and care. Every dog will feel happy to have a warm home full of joy. Therefore, love your dog, cuddle him, and teach him obedience because a dog will have a long lifespan only with the right person he can follow.

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