How To Choose The Right French Bulldog Feeding Bowl? Top 5 Picks

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French bulldog owners are probably familiar with their Frenchies’ bad habit of fast eating and drinking. Since there’s a low possibility to change is once you’ve missed the opportunity to teach him in his puppyhood, one of the solutions may be buying the right French bulldog feeding bowl.


Why you should buy a special bowl for your Frenchie?

French bulldog feeding bowls are specially created to prevent your dog from bloating and fast eating. Bloating presents a huge problem for Frenchies since it can be very painful. Frenchie bowls are made to provide your batpig with a healthy posture while having a meal. The following bowl is divided into two parts. Food bowl and the bottom base. The great thing about this 360 Degree French bulldog feeding bowl is that it allows the pet owner to adjust the bowl position freely for best feeding posture. In that way, the food will progressively shift down toward the lowest part of the bowl. 

The food really means a lot to Frenchies

One of the most famous French bulldog characteristics is their love for food. It’s simple! Every Frenchie is motivated by food. They will learn any trick you want with the power of food, and different stuffed interactive toys may keep them entertained for hours. That’s why many French bulldog owners decide to buy different interactive feeding eggs and other useful feeding machines when they need to leave their batpigs home alone. Since this gorgeous dog breed is not such a huge lover of spending time alone, this can be one of the solutions for preventing them from suffering from separation anxiety.

The Frenchie World® IQ Treat ball interactive food egg rewards your French Bulldog for playing, dropping treats as the ball rolls. The ball’s interior disk adjusts to change the difficulty level, and you can fill the ball with treats or a full meal.frenchie-world-iq-treat-ball-interactive-food-egg-frenchie-world-shop-dog-bowls-green-on-the-photo-united-states-31588860952725-1656014

Eating means pleasure

On the other hand, French bulldog owners also need to know that their dogs often experience difficulties due to their flat faces if haven’t been provided with the right feeding bowls. If you started to notice that your furry friend literally began to inhale food and choke while eating, then it’s the right time for finding a special anti-choking feeding bowl. French bulldogs’ short and thick necks don’t allow them to fully extend their heads as other dog breeds do. That’s why an elevated feeding bowl can help them put their chins on the edges. Providing your French bulldog with a comfortable feeling and correct posture while eating really means a lot to them. It changes their quality of life and decreases strain on their short necks.

The following elevated French bulldog feeding bowl is specially made to reduce bloating in addition to the strain on the dog’s neck and joints.


Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl

In order to prevent the French bulldog breed from choking, Frenchie World Team has designed a special Anti-Choke system for feeding bowls. This French bulldog feeding and drinking bowl will make your dog work for food. The pet bowl with bone shape rotating hinder prolongs the pet’s eating time, and effectively guard against obesity, indigestion and bloating which are caused by fast eating. The inner bowl is separated from the base, which is convenient to detach and clean. The fornicate base makes it ventilated and easy to take up. Shaped bone hand-grip makes bowls easier to pick up & put down with fewer spills, and more convenient to be used. The bowl is available in 6 colors and 2 sizes (for bigger and smaller dog breeds like Frenchies are).


 What to buy when traveling?

 The Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Travel Bottle Bowl delivers both cool water and a dry snack for your dog when you are both on the go. It’s the first reusable bottle with two side by side chambers. Flip open the lid to dispense treats or kibble, then pop open the cap top to pour a cool drink of water into the attached collapsible cup.


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