Shop, Don’t Adopt! Wait, what?? Benefits of buying a French bulldog puppy


Widely known for their kind nature and iconic appearances, French bulldogs find their places in homes all over the world. Their popularity rapidly grew in the last 10 years so today, they take high 4th place in the USA. And, you know what? They are found on the 1st place in homes of the Big Apple.

Frenchies are popular but…

As you can guess, the enormous growth in popularity caused Frenchies to be left in shelters. It all happens due to unresponsible breeding. Since many people rush to buy those furry little gremlins for a cheap price, they later find themselves in a dead end.

It means that a puppy that has been bought for a price of 500 $ or less, can’t sound like a good choice. Such Frenchies usually doesn’t have any papers and you don’t know anything about their health history. In the end, when owners find themselves paying high medical bills because their lovely pooch started to develop certain health issues, the only solution is to leave him/her in a shelter.

Despite the fact they found it heartbreaking, they’re conscious that their budget can’t handle such a cost.


We care about abandoned French bulldogs

First of all, we are not against adopting French bulldogs! Maybe you haven’t heard for this, but we have found a charity fund that collects money for all abandoned batpigs. We do that because we sincerely love those dogs that put a smile on our faces every day.

In order to help all lonely Frenchies that now live without their loving families, we decided to create the Frenchie World Lifestyle Brand. It is the collection where all the profit goes to charity. To be more specific- We help dog shelters and rescues that continuously help abandoned French bulldogs. Every sale provides 3-5 meals for each dog. 


It’s not their fault why they’ve been left there! It’s the fault of us! So, if you are willing to adopt a dog for 200-300 $, then you should better be prepared on surprises. You’ll probably need to correct his/her behavior and to change his/her habits. Dogs that have been left in shelters are usually not properly socialized and have a tendency to show a number of health issues.


 So, what are the benefits of buying a French bulldog puppy?

The great thing when making a decision to buy a puppy is that you have all the freedom to choose. You have the right to choose the appropriate French bulldog breeder, the puppy’s appearance, and to ask to get all the proofs about its health history. You are also able to know who the puppy’s parents are, is it a mix or a purebred pooch.

As the puppy grows, you’ll be the only one who will tailor its personality, diet, and care. On the other hand, dog adoption literally means that you’ll need to ‘read the book from the first to the last cover’. You can’t know anything about the dog’s previous life and how can he act in certain situations. Is he properly socialized? Does he act aggressively? Does he suffer from certain health issues?  These could be only some of the questions you will not get the answers for.


On the other hand, by buying a batpig puppy, you will be the first one who will provide him/her with an identity. He/she will be a totally blank book that you’ll be able to write by yourself!

Besides all the previously mentioned facts, another great thing is that in that way you are not supporting the breeders who tend to produce unhealthy puppies in order to earn money. That’s why we want to promote the ethical way of breeding that will confront their greediness.

In the end, no dog deserves to be left in the street. They are all social beings that can suffer a lot for their loving families. Therefore, love your dog because it’s the only creature that will love you unconditionally.

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