Top 5 French Bulldog Grooming Brushes


There’s nothing more seducing than seeing a Frenchie who’s having a smooth and shiny coat. A dog’s hair relieves a lot about its nutrition and care, so that’s why is important to invest in these two aspects of a dog’s life. One of the essential routines that every responsible dog owner should do is to regularly brush his pet’s fur. That’s why we’ve selected the best picks of French bulldog grooming brushes to keep your little gremlin’s hair fresh and healthy.


French bulldog shedding- what do you need to know?

French bulldogs belong to moderate shedders and they naturally lose dead and damaged hair during warmer months. Shedding presents a regular process in all hairy beings, and its frequency is determined by a dog’s health and breed.

Frenchies have short coats that become thicker during the winter season. It looks like a sort of undercoat and it helps them to deal with cold weather. However, Frenchie’s ‘modest’ undercoat isn’t enough to keep them warm. That’s why they require wearing clothes. As spring approaches, French bulldogs start to get rid of their dead hair. It’s one of the ways to deal with overheating.

If you’ve noticed that your Frenchie started to lose big bunches of hair or is having bald spots, it’s definitely the time to become concerned. Healthy Frenchies have smooth and shiny coats and don’t shed much (except in the fall and spring).

Luckily, there are many ways to decrease your Frenchie’s shedding. By regularly brushing his fur, his hair will be free of dust, old hair and even environmental allergens that can cause a number of issues for your little gremlin.

How often do you need to brush the French bulldog’s coat?

In normal conditions, your dog’s fur should be brushed once a week. When we say ’normal conditions’, we think about a Frenchie who doesn’t suffer from any skin issue. Dogs who developed blisters, cuts or have swollen and irritated skin should be put under a prescribed vet therapy. If your vet determined an allergy in your Frenchie, then he’ll probably get an antihistamines therapy and corticosteroid creams.

If your Frenchie has dry hair, besides considering to change his nutrition, it’s also recommended to switch to a different shampoo. Shampoos for Frenchies should be free of parabens, and artificial colors.

Using human and baby shampoos is not recommended because they drain the dog’s skin. Some natural ingredients such as Coconut oil can help a lot in treating dry skin and hair. Besides, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory product, it also improves the strength of the Frenchie’s coat.

What are the best French bulldog grooming brushes and how to choose the best one?

When choosing French bulldog grooming brushes, it’s essential to recognize your dog’s needs. In other words, today we can find many Frenchies that have been crossbred with other breeds. Therefore, their coats haven’t stayed the same as in  Frenchies of 50 years ago. Therefore, during the winter season, you may choose a grooming brush with needles.

They are suitable for thicker coats, so you can use it during colder months. The needles are made of plastic and they won’t break the dog’s hair or scratch his skin.

 Grooming glove for hidden body parts

Grooming gloves are great to use throughout the year. They help do owners brush every single spot on a dog’s skin such as armpits or folds. The following Silicone Frenchie brush glove contains dozens of soft silicone pins that provide a dog with a feeling of a massage too.

Similar to the previous one, this French bulldog grooming brush looks like a glove but it actually isn’t. Owners can fix it on a hand and easily wash it after each use. It’s very soft and gentle, and your little batpig will surely get one of the best massages in his life thanks to this glove.

 Brush your dog’s coat while having a bath

Brushing your dog’s hair while having a bath can save your house not only from finding his hair everywhere but will also save your time. Therefore, the following Gentle Silicone Dog Shampoo Brush presents a smart solution for every season.

The brush has a box to add shampoo, and the small hole between pins will slowly release it while your Frenchie is having a shower.

The cup is designed for you to hold it firmly, and it comes with dozens of soft silicone pins on top. The bath brushing comb is excellent for removing dust, loose and shedding hair while stimulating the production of your pets, adds sheen to the dog’s coat and massages the skin.

Another great brush for French bulldogs comes in a bit different design. It has a button to release the shampoo optionally. The rubber pins are gentle and won’t hurt your French bulldogs skin. There is also an ergonomic design for easier holding.

Tips to keep the Frenchie’s coat shiny

Apple cider vinegar is known as one of the best natural product for making hair smooth and shiny. And, what is more important, it also helps in dealing with yeast infections. Therefore, to make the magical solution for your dog’s hair, you need to mix 60 % of water and 40 % of Extra virgin Apple Cider Vinegar. You can spray your Frenchie’s coat once a week when you brush his fur.

You can also add a spoon of undissolved apple cider vinegar into your Frenchie’s water bowl. After a few weeks of regular usage, you’ll notice that your pet’s fur becomes glossy and healthy.

 Don’t forget about cleaning your Frenchie’s folds and tail

Regardless of the fact of how cute they are, Frenchies have one bad-smelling spot that should be regularly cleaned. Their tail pocket collects not only feces but also the dirt that can trigger the infection. Therefore, my advice is to wipe this spot daily.

Another feature that Frenchies are famous for are their folds. Folds can collect food leftovers and become irritated, red and swollen. To keep these spots clean, you should use a damp cloth and add a bit of cornstarch to pick up the moist.

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