What is the mini French bulldog?


There’re quite a lot speculations about actual origins of a French bulldog, but it’s quite likely that the breed originated from a miniature or a toy bulldog which is a cross between English bulldogs and terrier type dogs. They were brought to France by Nottingham lace workers during the revolution.


French bulldogs are with good reason considered for the World’s most popular dog breed. They’re playful companions with lovable personalities that will always be by your side. These adorable-looking batpigs come in a large color and size varieties, so that’s why we decided to represent you with the cutest one among Frenchies. Meet the mini French bulldog- the tiniest dog with the greatest heart.

Why are they so popular?

Mini French Bulldogs have ‘raised a lot of dust’ lately. However, they’re still considered for one of the most popular dogs in the world. Although they’re not accepted by the AKC and EKC, that didn’t change people’s mind about owning miniature sized French bulldogs. They attract attention not only by their appearances but also by their personalities. It’s proven that they act great with kids and easily adapt to any type of family.

What do you need to know?

Before making a final decision of owning this dog, you need to discover how breeders ‘make’ these furry friends. If they’re not appropriately bred, there’re huge chances for suffering from different health problems in the future. Unfortunately, some ‘breeders’ have only one thing in mind- it’s how to earn a lot of money. The more unique- looking the dog is, the more expensive it is. That’s why you need to always buy a dog from a trusted breeder who will ensure you about a dog’s health history and its origins. No matter if you have a standard or a miniature French bulldog, it’s highly desirable to pay for health insurance since they’re prone to different health issues. It doesn’t have to be a serious health problem. Your lovely batpig may show allergy symptoms or some other slight type of health issues.


Mini French bulldog lifespan and size

The average lifespan of a mini French bulldog is between 12-16 years if it is appropriately bred. There’s a misstatement that these miniature guys can’t have a long lifespan. It’s totally incorrect.  Mini French bulldogs can live equally as standard-sized French bulldogs. Their lifespan only depends on their health history, appropriate breeding, care, and nutrition.

 Mini French Bulldogs are slightly smaller than standard Frenchies and usually, weight 5 pounds. They also may have a nonstandard coat color and different body proportions. In other words, your mini frogdog’s appearance will much depend on the breed that has been crossed with.


How the Mini French bulldog is made?

Well, there’re a few ways for ‘making’ a mini Frenchie guy. The first one is to mate the smallest dogs from a litter (runts). By choosing the appropriate dogs for mating, breeders need to do the selection of puppies. The chosen dogs need to have great health histories and excellent body proportions. While some breeders get the desired size of a dog from the first try (which is almost impossible), others usually need more tries.  For getting healthy and quality mini puppies, reliable breeders need up to 20 years. Breeders use so-called ‘runts’ for breeding. Since this way of breeding also takes some risks, breeders need to check the puppy’s health first. Runts are usually not only the smallest but also the weakest puppies from a litter. It pulls the fact that such dogs may have serious health issues in the future and a shorter lifespan.


Dwarf dogs

Let’s continue to the second way of getting mini French bulldogs. This way should definitely become forbidden since such dogs suffer huge pains through their lifetime. Unfortunately, there’re many unreliable breeders that mate dwarf dogs. Dwarfism is a canine genetic mutation that causes a skeletal disorder. Dwarf French Bulldogs suffer from breathing issues and chronic pains in joints, hips, and backs. That’s why we highly advise you to buy a dog from a trusted breeder.


Mini French bulldog features

The features of this tiny furry fellow are pretty much the same as for standard Frenchies.  The first thing you should keep in mind is that this doggie is strongly connected to his loving family. Frenchie is a fun loving and freethinker. It’s easy to train with positive training tactics.

Single Coat

Mini Frenchies has a single coat that which implies that it can stand being for a long time in cold weather conditions.  If you live in a cold climate, be sure that you provided your mini furry friend with some extra cover. Here you can check some of the most popular French bulldog clothes.


Low energy breed

French Bulldogs in general, are considered for the best apartment dogs since they don’t require a lot of exercises. This dog breed is not likely to burn a lot of energy, so it’s extremely important to regulate their weight and to feed them with a calorie-appropriate diet. Otherwise, they may have serious breathing issues.


Mini Frenchies are definitely the best dogs for children. They are able to entertain children for long stretches of time. However, it’s advisable to never leave them with children unsupervised.

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