15 Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Happy Whole Day

Dogs are our children. And, what do children need? Toys, of course! Joking aside, toys present an essential part of every dog’s life especially when they go through the annoying teething phase. For a Frenchie, chewing on toys means everything! That’s the way how he motivates his intelligence, practices his chewing, and strengthens his jaws. In other words, the world of toys will teach a French bulldog to stay entertained while the owner is not at home or unable to play with him.

Dog behaviorists also claim that dog toys can really help in preventing a Frenchie to suffer from separation anxiety. It’s a condition when a dog shows stressful behavior from the moment he realizes the owner is not by his side anymore. Therefore, dog toys can really help. Instead of chewing a carpet, sneakers, and clothes, from now on, your Frenchie can chew on the following amazing toys.

Tooth cleaning chew toy

Frenchie World tooth cleaning chew toy is great for teaching your Frenchie puppy to chew on toys instead of home items. Since it’s made of elastic and non-toxic rubber, your pooch will definitely become thrilled by the feeling it provides to his gums and teeth.

The linen part of a toy is highly durable and seems to be interesting to Frenchies since it swings while a dog runs with a toy in his mouth. It should definitely become part of your dog’s toy collection.

Plush Pig Toy

Isn’t it great that from now on your furry friend will have another furry and fat friend by his side? And, that’s not all. This friend will not be able to bark and argue with him as your neighbor’s dog does. Frenchies simply don’t need quarrelsome buddies to cause stress in their lives. That’s why this Piglet toy presents a great solution for keeping him entertained and serene the whole day. The plush piggy is machine washable so you can keep it clean all the time.

Frenchie World® Food Catapult

Fill the toy with tasty bullets and let the party begin! This Frenchie World food catapult is great for teaching your pooch to perform commands because food presents their main motivational tool. This dog food catapult toy is made of non-toxic material and will eject the dry kibble food when you push the button. Depending on your dog’s abilities, you can choose the strength of catapult.

Chew toys squeaky sound

Another great French bulldog toy available in different shapes and designs will definitely catch your dog’s attention. Every time your pooch chews on a toy, it will release a squeaky sound that will make him wonder what it is. In case the toy gets dirty, you can wash it lukewarm water with soap. I am sure your furry batpig will cheerfully play with it all day long.

French Bulldog Push Toy

Why not add a few more Frenchies to your family? These lovely and sleepy looking pooches are great for making your furry friend entertained while you are out.  They come in 3 sizes and 40 cm in height. We bet there’s no Frenchie who will resist carrying around this soft and cute dog toy. P.S. Please, try not to make your French bulldog jealous by bringing another furry family member home.

Self Rolling Interactive Ball

From now on, you don’t have to throw a ball through your house to make your Frenchie entertained. It might sound silly, but this ball will that alone. The primary purpose of the self-rotating ball is to have your pet chase the ball around and have fun.

The only thing you need to do is to put batteries inside, press the button and let your Frenchie run around. Due to the sphere shape and self-balancing system, the ball will automatically change its direction when colliding with a wall, chair, door, etc. no extra help required, all you need to do is turn the ball on to play and turn off when your pet is out of energy and done playing. The plush cover is removable, so you can wash it when gets dirty.

Dog Funny Mouth Piece

Here is the funniest dog toy in the world! It’s made of solid, non-toxic, and natural rubber that will help your Frenchie puppy to relieve teeth growing. This Funny toy not only can help your French bulldog to transfer his anxiety but will also satisfy his desire to bite.

These funny mouth dog toys make a sound when squeezed and keep your Frenchie entertained for a long time. Not only will your dog love this toy, but so will you and your friends! Expect to get tons of laughs and tons of fun for the whole family with this hilarious toy.

Frenchie World® Carrot rope toy

Is your Frenchie a chewing champion? Well, in case he is, then this carrot that is made of 100 % cotton and durable rope can serve as great teeth cleaner for your Frenchie. It relieves anxiety and also fulfills physiological needs such as exercising and developing the jaw.  We are sure it will be fun to gnaw and shred stuff while you are out.

Pet Toy Carrot

Here is another dog toy carrot that is made of 100% cellulose that is completely harmless and natural. It’s great for removing your Frenchie puppy’s tartar and plaque from his teeth while playing.  With a rope, you can hang it up, let the pet jump and bite, play, and exercise your pet’s athletic ability.

French Bulldog Beeping Chew Toy

The following French bulldog toy can easily attract your Frenchie’s attention and helps to improve his intelligence. Your naughty furry friend will love to squeeze it and relieve his surplus energy. Since it beeps when your Frenchie squeeze it, he will surely become curious to find out what’s hidden inside of it. Perfect for fetching and interacting with your puppy.

Frenchie World® Linen chewing toys (11 Styles)

We all know how dogs enjoy playing fetch and chew on things. That’s why we purposely designed these toys with knotted limbs for longer durability. Our Frenchie World linen shewing toy is available in 11 styles and are machine washable. It will certainly satisfy your French bulldog’s need to gnaw, hunt, and chase.

Plush French Bulldog Toys by Frenchie World

Provide your batpig with his own toy kingdom with these soft and plush Frenchie toys. There is a squeaker in each toy, so he will surely stay entertained for hours. They are perfectly suitable for small dog breeds and can be washed in a machine.

Popsicle Dog Squeaky Chew Toy

Who has told that your furry gremlin can’t eat ice cream? Well, in case you were thinking this is an ordinary dog toy, you’re wrong. You can use this dog popsicle dog toy as your dog’s cooling toy during summer. Wash it in cold water, put in in the fridge for 10 minutes and give your Frenchie to chew. It can be of great help especially in case he suffers from painful gums and teething phase.

Christmas Squeaky Toys

In case you are searching for a perfect Christmas gift for your lovely pooch, then these squeaky toys will definitely thrill his playful soul. They are all super soft, super cuddly and ready to grunt their way into your dog’s playtime hour. Bring some festive and winter moments to your dog’s life and let him enjoy every holiday season. Whether you want to prevent your pup from chewing on home items, or you are searching to find his new partners for playing, these squeaky toys will bright up his winter days.

Squeaky Toy Piranha

Look, mom, I’ve just caught fish! With this Frenchie World Piranha dog toy, you’ll be able to enjoy playing fetch with your lovely furry friend for hours.

Since it’s made of highly durable material, your Frenchie will adore chew it, squeeze it, and carry it throught the house all day long. The piranha’s huge eyes seem especially interesting to dogs, so there’s nothing odd to see your furry gremlin trying to take them out.

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