Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats? Revealed!


Have you ever wondered are French bulldogs good with cats? So far, you’ve probably heard that Frenchies get along well with children, but what about making a friendship with felines? Well, in case you own a Frenchie, and you want a bring little kitty to your home, this is what you can expect.

Do French bulldogs hate cats?

We all know it’s in animals’ nature to act territorial. In this case, a Frenchie’s territory is his beloved owner. Regardless there is a saying that dogs and cats are natural enemies; it’s not always like that. French bulldog breed is widely known as one of the friendliest breeds on Earth. They always seek for attention and would rather play with cats than staying home alone.

On the other hand, we all have to admit that every animal is different and may act more or less friendly toward animals of another species. However, you can teach your French bulldog to behave kindly towards cats by reading the following tips.


How to teach a Frenchie to act good with cats?

You might have heard this sentence a hundred times so far, but the key to living with a well-behaved dog is in early socialization. Socialization requires introducing a dog with other pets from an early age. Every dog should be able to meet unknown dogs and cats to learn to act friendly toward them in the future. Therefore, it’s nothing strange to see a dog chase a cat if he hasn’t been around felines from his puppyhood.


In case you are an equal lover of both dogs and cats, my advice is to allow them to grow up together. It’s the best way to make sure they’ll build a strong friendship full of plays and joyful moments. You don’t have to feel discouraged if your pets don’t behave friendly from the first time they see each other.

To ease their first meeting, I recommend you to choose the safe place where they both will feel safe. Another step presents placing a cat’s items in your dog’s sleeping space so he can get used to its scent. The same thing you should do with a cat as well. Let them both get used to their smell for a few days, and then you can schedule their meeting.

The first meeting should not last long. Five minutes would be enough. My advice is to keep your Frenchie on a leash while allowing a cat to approach naturally. After they both show a ‘friendly’ attitude, you can reward them with treats by telling some praise words.


Are you on the step to success?

Besides taking into account all the previously mentioned tips, it’s recommended to increase the time they spend together gradually. In that way, you’ll build a healthy relationship without making a fuss. Once your French bulldog and your feline started to feel calm and relaxed in their environment, you can be sure you’ve made a success.

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