Are French Bulldogs Unhealthy?


We can’t deny that Frenchie’s popularity rapidly grown in the last few years. It happened not only because of their iconic-appearances but also because of affectionate and friendly personalities they own.

However, there is also a belief that French bulldogs are prone to many health problems. That’s why I want to relieve the truth and provide you with tips on how to choose the right French bulldog puppy.


What do you need to know about the French bulldog breed?

Unlike other dogs, these pooches belong to non-sporting breeds. It means that they shouldn’t be subjected to great physical exertion. Since they have shortened nostrils, these little gremlins quickly get tired and seem unable to inhale sufficient air supply to calm the heart rate. That’s why Frenchie owners need to pay attention to their hydration and not to expose them to cold or hot temperatures. This breed best fits living in mild temperatures between 18-24 C.  Besides they are known for brachycephalic skulls and bat ears, they are also considered for the best dogs for apartment-living conditions. So, in case you’re a lazy type of a person, then a Frenchie might be the pet of your dreams.

If you are interested in owning this breed, I highly recommend you first check the kennel you want to buy a puppy from. By having information about parents’ health history, you’ll save yourself from spending money on high medical bills in the future. Puppies’ parents need to be cleared out from diseases such as elongated soft palate, narrow nostrils, hip dysplasia, and many other genetically-caused issues.

Like any other dogs, Frenchies may be on a tendency to develop several health issues that are known to occur in this breed. Usually, those are issues that affect their eyes (cherry eye), and respiratory system. Since their nostrils are short, these furry gremlins can experience symptoms of allergy. Allergies in French bulldogs may occur due to seasonal pollen, dust, dirt, and mites.

Besides all the previously mentioned facts, these little batpigs shouldn’t be considered unhealthy. The puppies’ health much depends on their genetics but also other factors as well. A dog will be healthy as long as the owner will invest in its health. It includes feeding a dog with a well-balanced diet, and taking care of its hygiene.

Do French bulldogs have health problems?

Note that the key to living with a healthy dog is both in finding the right breeder and providing a dog with the proper care. In case your breeder ensured you the puppy you bought is completely healthy, then you need to think about how to keep it vigorous in the future too. Here are the things you should pay attention to when you own a French bulldog puppy.

Regularly clean your Frenchie’s tail pocket

We all know that French bulldogs almost don’t have tails. However, they have tail pockets that are prone to collect dirt. If you don’t clean it regularly with wet baby wipes, your little gremlin might develop a bacterial infection.

Clean your Frenchie’s Ears

Since French bulldogs are famous for their wide opened ears, they are prone to catching dirt and pieces of grass inside of the ear. That’s why you need to daily check them in order to escape potential infection. The following Spirit Ear powder is great to prevent otitis, itchiness, and infections.

French bulldog paw care

Dog paws are exposed to different harmful effects such as slippery surfaces and road salt in winter, as well as to hot pavement in summer. Besides teaching your Frenchie to wear dog booties, I also advise you to soothe its paw pads with the following Frenchie World Paw stick. It’s rich in natural ingredients such as propolis, almond oil, and olive oil, and it’s totally safe for use.

Choose the right diet for the French bulldog breed

We can’t deny that no matter how cute these dogs are, they possess one of the worst features dogs may have. We talk about their evil-smelling farts, of course. Luckily, you can decrease your dog’s flatulence and gasses by choosing the right nutrition. I recommend you to try BARF diet for French bulldogs because it’s the only way you can tailor his/her menu by yourself.


Wrapping up

Well…it’s true that owning a dog is not an easy task at all. It’s actually equal to having a child that will always love you unconditionally. Unfortunately, many Frenchies end up on streets or in shelters because people think they can find a healthy puppy for a small amount of money. You need to know that there is a huge difference between a dog of 500$ and 5,000 $.

On the other hand, dogs left in shelters also deserve to feel the warmth of someone’s home. It’s not their fault why someone irresponsible and selfish rejected them. Therefore, in case you want to adopt a rescued Frenchie, you need to expect unexpected. Whatever the decision you make, the most important thing is to make your new family member happy. Owning a dog brings a dose of responsibility and it teaches you to have new life routines.

How to help abandoned French bulldogs?

Since we at Frenchie World love these dogs to death, we decided to make a collection of items where all the profit goes to charity. To be more specific- We help dog shelters and rescues that continuously help abandoned French bulldogs. Every sale provides 3-5 meals for each dog. 

Frenchie World Lifestyle Brand is created to celebrate the love for Frenchies. Here you can find dozens of T-shirts inspired by these furry gremlins, as well as mugs, towels, and hoodies.

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