When Can My French Bulldog Go Outside?


Allowing a Frenchie to go outside for the first time might sound frightening. It’s because your little gremlin’s curiosity will probably end up in disaster. However, taking a dog outside presents an important step in teaching a dog to become socialized. Therefore, these tips should help you to introduce your pup with the outside world.

 Raising a Frenchie from its birth

You are probably familiar with the fact that Frenchies can’t sustain living in a too cold or too hot climate. They best suit mild weather conditions when the air temperature doesn’t exceed 24 C degrees. In case you live in a house with a yard, your newborn Frenchie can be taken outside in your garden but only under your supervision.


You shouldn’t meet it with other dogs and cats because of the viruses until two weeks after your Frenchie’s last vaccination booster. Nursing puppies can go outside with their mother and the rest of the litter. In case you are wondering when they’re big enough to start with potty training, the answer is simple. Your French bulldog puppy is ready to be potty trained when it starts to wander around by itself.

In case you live in cold climate conditions, I recommend you to use potty pads to allow them to do ‘their job’ inside of the house. Frenchies are incredibly vulnerable to cold temperatures and can easily catch a cold if taken outside in winter. To provide your little fellow with extra warmth, I advise you to dress him/her in a Frenchie sweater and to keep his/her bed in the warmest place of the house.


 Did your Frenchie receive all vaccines?

Before letting your French bulldog go outside, it’s essential to have some knowledge about vaccination. Vaccination serves to improve your dog’s immune system and to make antibodies in response when he/she comes in contact with specific viruses.

Besides vaccines, a mother’s milk plays an essential role in boosting your Frenchie’s immune system too. Since your Frenchie should receive the last vaccination between the 14th and 16th weeks of age, it’s recommended not to take him/her to crowdy places until that age. In other words, you should no take your batpig to local parks, and allow him/her to meet with dogs that are up to date with their vaccinations.


When to start to socialize a Frenchie?

It might sound weird, but the socialization of a French bulldog starts from the moment you’ve just brought it home. It includes allowing a pup to sniff the home items and discover the new odors. Interaction with family members is one of the most important steps, as well as performing potty training.

Spending time with your Frenchie will also mean a lot for his/her personality. Since they belong to companion dogs, they used to work alongside their owners. Therefore, you need to act very carefully when leaving your Frenchie home alone. He/she can easily start suffering from separation anxiety if it hasn’t been taught to spend time alone.

Teaching a dog to spend time in a crate with separation anxiety toys can also be of great help. There are many interactive French bulldog toys that can occupy your dog’s attention and can help in improving his/her intelligence.

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