Are Male or Female French Bulldogs More Affectionate?


There is a saying that male Frenchies are more affectionate and easier to train from female dogs. However, do you know what the truth is? Will this fact affect your decision to buy a dog? Let’s find out what influences the tailoring of your dog’s personality.

Who is better? A Frenchie male or a female?

Well, as you can see, the battle of sexes is not limited only to humans after all. While some people will say that Frenchie females act more gently, the others consider males to be more aggressive. By looking through another perspective, female dogs mature faster which implies the fact they might be easier to train. If you are considering to add a new family member, my advice is to look only for a healthy puppy because tailoring its personality will depend solely on you.

The most crucial influence on personality and compatibility doesn’t depend on sex, but how a dog is trained and what has been exposed to. The sex of a dog should not present the most essential reason whether it will fit into your family. However, there are some things to consider if you want to adopt a Frenchie. Adopting a dog presents one of the noblest acts a person can do, but it also brings other risks as well.


When you are searching to adopt a French bulldog, you can’t know anything about its personality and health history. Such dogs were usually left to themselves and did not undergo any type of training. Lack of socialization and showing aggression can be only one of the problems in Heaven. So, you’ll need a lot of time to transform the personality of an adopted Frenchie. Another critical moment presents a dog’s health. French bulldogs that have been left on streets often suffer from different health issues because owners wanted to buy a cheap and ‘top-quality’ dog. Note that paying a small amount of money in the beginning, will cost you a lot of money in the future.


Are male or female French bulldogs more affectionate?

According to the opinion of a holistic vet, dr Gary Ritcher, a dog’s sex has little bearing on their suitability as a pet. “That shouldn’t be a major factor in the decision-making process,” Dr. Richter notes. “Meet the dog and see if their personality fits with yours.”

In other words, you need only to choose a dog breed whose energy level will fit your lifestyle. You can’t expect a Frenchie to go running and hiking since it doesn’t belong to high-energy dog breeds. I can actually turn out to be fatal for this gorgeous breed.


If we take a look at the point of anatomical differences, dogs have very few differences between the sexes when they are young. As they age, their hormonal balance or imbalance can affect your Frenchie’s personality. In that case, spraying or neutering can help a dog to reduce some of the behaviors associated with mating.

Regardless of what sex of a dog you want to own, the only thing to keep in mind is that you need to provide your pooch with a lot of love. A well-cared dog that went through the right training lessons and socialization will never show aggression.


Both female and male French bulldogs act affectionate if they get the attention and love of all family members. In the end, our dogs are our mirrors. They copy our behavior like children. Therefore, if you show affection to your Frenchie, he/she will certainly pay you back twice.

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