French Bulldog Health & Care

Every dog owner should provide his/her dog with the appropriate care. French bulldog health and care demands include regular nail trimming, grooming, and keeping his/her paws smooth and clean. Check out the best Frenchie World products to keep your pooch clean and healthy!

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“Silky Paws” balm by Frenchie World

"Silky Paws" by Frenchie World"Silky Paws" by Frenchie World is perfect for your pooch’s pads!Using all-natural ingredients, this balm is formulated to soothe your best friend’s dry, cracked, chapped or rough paws. Smoothing this balm onto your pet’s toes regularly will also help prevent irritation, moisturize, and maintain their paw health.The "Silky Paws" by Frenchie World blend is organic, vegan, and full of healing nutrients that will help your pet get back up on his feet to explore the great big world!Ingredients: Natural propolis, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, tea tree essential oil, peppermint oil, lemon citronella oil Dosage: Apply daily to pet feet or skin Efficacy: Softening crust, reduce cracking, moisture feet, health protection & preserves silky skin.

French Bulldog Cooling Collar


French Bulldog Cooling Collar

This exceptional French Bulldog Cooling Collar is made of comfortable fabric and soft, adaptable gel which will provide a smooth and soft cooling effect.
  • Neoprene will keep it cold longer
  • 4 gel packs included
  • One hour to 90 minutes of cooling effect
  • Must have item for summer
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable drawstring allows you easy neck adaptation
  • Trendy summer patterns
  • Machine washing is not allowed
  • Dry cleaning with wet wipes and water
Why we love it?We all know that Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from heat stroke. That's why it's essential to protect them during the summer season by using cooling items. French bulldog cooling collar features a cooling gel that helps a dog to keep his temperature within normal limits. Besides, the neck is known as a 'refreshment spot' on dogs, so that's why a collar can significantly help prevent overheating.To use this collar on your Frenchie and to get the best of it, we recommend you to place it in the fridge for about 30 min before wearing it. As your dog wears it, he will get an equal feeling of cooling throughout the body.

Bite Resistant Dental Care Chew Toy


Bite Resistant Dental Care Chew Toy

  • This dog toothbrush is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • Better material makes it more sturdy and will not be chewed off easily.
  • Soft designed to be safe for your dog's gums, and it will not hurt your dogs health and helps them to clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases.
  • Designed to clean teeth on both sides and is angled to fit comfortably in your pet's mouth.
  • The toothbrush can 360 degree all around teeth cleaning in your dog's mouth deeply.
  • Includes a stable base to make it easier for your pet to hold the toothbrush.
  • Encourage your pet to clean his teeth every day to prevent serious health problems.
  • Sweet smell to attract pets to chew the brush, which can save energy and time to help dogs brush teeth.

Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™

Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™ are the perfect solution to helping the planet and meeting your needs.
  • 6 Colors Dispensers
  • Touch fastener strap
  • 15 bags included
Why We Love It:Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™ are the perfect solution to helping the planet and meeting your needs. PoopBags harmlessly dissolve into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) in as little as 24 months--and they’re cool looking too! Bags feature extra long length so you don’t have to worry about your sleeves.The bags have a pleasant lavender scent that helps to mask odors so you won’t mind carrying the bag while you finish your walk!We like the long quick touch fastener strap that can easily be attached to your leash, belt loop or handbag so you'll always be prepared for potty breaks. The compact size is unobtrusive, and the handy carrying clip allows you to attach used bags for hands-free walking until the proper waste receptacle can be found.Not all dog waste bags are created alike! Many are not biodegradable or are too flimsy to do the job. These are the perfect balance of Earth friendly and user-friendly for a greener planet without making you turn green!Be sure to look for our Poop Bag refills (sold separately.)

Bone Toothbrush Dog Toy

Help your Frenchie to deal with tartar, plaque, and painful teeth growing process by using our Bone Toothbrush Dog Toy!
  • A perfect toy for great chewers
  • Releases pains in gums
  • It can be used as a toothbrush or a treat
  • You can place the rope inside the channel to attract your Frenchie to play with it
  • The inner lining is made of the high tenancy and soft TPR raw material
  • Remove calculus, improve intelligence, relieve anxiety, clean teeth, strengthen teeth
Why We Love It?Made of durable rubber, this Bone Toothbrush Dog Toy will help anxious chewers to occupy their attention. At the same time, it also helps in removing the ugly-looking tartar and plaque collected on a dog’s teeth.The great thing about this toothbrush toy is that you can apply the toothpaste or food into the channel. As your dog squeezes it, his teeth will enter the holes and become clean. In case you want to reward your Frenchie, you can add a peanut butter inside of it, so your pooch will enjoy an endless game. The Zig Zag design is intentionally used to allow the dog’s teeth to enter the holes.

Chondroitin Joint Supplements For French Bulldogs

Chondroitin Joint Supplements For French Bulldogs Help your Frenchie to easier paw through the old age by including Chondroitin supplements in his/her diet.
  • 200 tablets
  • ideal for senior dogs who deal with pains in joints
  • main ingredients: oligocithosan, chondroitin sulfate, vitamins A, D3, C, and E
  • recommended for highly active dogs who need a cartilage support
  • follow the instructions for use
Why we love it?Chondroitin Joint Supplements For French Bulldogs will help senior pooches easier deal with pains in joints. Since senior dogs lose cartilage more easily, including supplements in their diet is over needed. These supplements promote water retention and elasticity in the cartilage and provide adequate nourishment to the tissues. Chondroitin sulfate reduces inflammation in the joints, and it's often recommended in the treatment of arthritic and intervertebral disk problems.

Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket


Emotional Appeasing Clothes: Dog Anxiety Jacket

Anxiety Jacket wraps distribute pressure over the back and sides of the dog’s chest, serving as a calming “hug.”  Scientifically, gentle pressure releases chemicals called endorphins that promote a sense of well-being. That’s why stroking a dog firmly and slowly calms him down while a quick pat on the head gets him revs him up.
  • The patented SA Vest design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement
  • Calms during fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, and much more with no training and no medication so your dog stays drug-free. Great for rescue dogs
  • Already over 80% successful at helping millions of dogs. Recommended by thousands of vets and trainers. 
  • Money-back guarantee: We stand behind SA Vest. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return for a refund of your purchase price
  • Backed by science: Dr. Drew Danby and other leading behavior scientists studied SA Vest and found it effectively calms dogs
Sizing info:Size S: Suitable for pets of 5.5-11.5 pounds Abdominal circumference: 43-53CM / 16.93-20.87in Size M: Suitable for pets of 26-40 pounds Abdominal circumference: 53-63CM / 20.87-24.80in Size L: Suitable for pets of 41-64 pounds Abdominal circumference: 63-77CM / 24.80-30.31in

Digital Measure Spoon For Dog Food

Digital Measure Spoon For Dog FoodFrom now on, you'll be able to carefully determine the amount of food your dog needs during a day. Digital Measure Spoon For Dog Food will be of great help when you need to control calory intake in your pet.
  • Volume: 800g
  • Material: ABS
  • Carefully measures all types of dry food such as dog food, flour, milk powder, sugar...
  • It will be of great help in your kitchen
Why we love it?You're gonna love the Digital Measure Spoon For Dog Food because it can be of great help when measuring the food for your pet.  It has a volume of 800g and it's made of ABS plastic. The spoon precisely measures the amount of min 1g. Since it takes up little space, you'll be able to take it with you wherever you go. This digital measure spoon will also be of great help if your Frenchie has to go on a diet. In that way, you'll know how many calories your dog took during a day.

Dog Backpack Sack Carrier


Dog Backpack Sack Carrier

Dog backpack carriers represent the ultimate solution for keeping your dog safe from excessive fatigue during hiking, traveling, and shopping. It's also an over-needed item for senior and injured pooches who deal with mobility issues.
  • made of durable oxford fabric
  • mesh side holes for improved skin breathing
  • adjustable neck opening
  • side pockets for carrying food and water
  • bottom waterproof fabric
  • available in 2 sizes and many colors
  • can be worn on the front and back side
Why we love it?As we all know, Frenchies belong to low-energy breeds that can't sustain overexerting. That's why we need to keep them safe and prevent them from breathing issues by carrying them in this high-quality dog backpack. This French bulldog backpack carrier features a durable and anti-scratch oxford fabric and breathable mesh on both sides to prevent your pet from overheating. A safety belt and adjustable neck opening make this backpack perfect for traveling and hiking. The bottom is durable and waterproof which will be helpful for carrying senior pooches.

Dog Electric Rotating Nail Trimmer

Dog Electric Rotating Nail TrimmerNail grooming doesn’t need to present the biggest nightmare for your Frenchie. This electric nail rotating file will painlessly trim your dog’s nail without making him uncomfortable. One of the best features of this trimmer is the border where you put the dog’s nail. In that way, you’ll keep it away from injuries.The nail trimmer comes with three replacement rollers and a slip-free handle. Keep your pet away from ingrown nails by using this harmless nail trimmer.

Dog Pedicure

Dog PedicureNow you can painlessly and easily trim your pets nails anywhere without the pain!100% brand new and high quality, this is the revolutionary nail trimmer for your Frenchie or small dog breeds. Perfectly Groomed, No Pain.It's the newest and fastest way to keep your pets nails trim rounded and smooth with no mess caused by traditional nail clippers.Specifications: Powered by 2 x AA batteries (Not included) Color: yellow & white Appearance material: plastic Size: 175 x 23 mmNet Weight: 67g/PairPackage Included: 1* Pets nail trimmer 3* Replaceable Filing Wheels

Dog Safety Belt Harness


Dog Seat Belts = No Distractions

Dog seat belts help to prevent driver distraction. According to the U.S. government website for distracted driving, in 2012 approximately 421,000 people were injured in accidents involving distracted driversA moving vehicle presents a host of dangers to unrestrained dogs. Enthusiastic dogs can leap out open windows; dogs who hang their heads out the window can be injured by external debris.Better safe than sorry!

Care basics to keep your Frenchie healthy in summer

You are probably aware of the fact that French bulldogs can’t sustain hot weather conditions. That’s why we need to provide them with plenty of water and a cool place for resting in summer. Frenchie World Self Cooling™ pad bed is made to prevent your pooch from overheating and it works best when kept out of direct sunlight.

Another essential part of summer care presents the “Silky Paws” balm by Frenchie World. The unique and totally natural formula is made to soothe and protect your furry friend’s paws from cracked and dry summer skin.

What are the most important products for French bulldog care?

Besides the previously mentioned “Silky Paws” balm by Frenchie World and Frenchie World Self Cooling™ pad bed, every Frenchie needs regular nail trimming. Here you can find the best Dog Pedicure set. For grooming your batpig’s fur and for keeping it free of dead hair, we advise you to check our Silicone Frenchie brush glove. It’s great for reaching all hard to reach the dog’s body parts.