Do French Bulldogs Sleep A Lot?


Owning a Frenchie can bring you a lot of benefits in case you live in an apartment. Since they are not outside dogs, French bulldogs best suit indoor living conditions where they can snuggle in a warm bed! However, have you ever wondered do French bulldogs sleep a lot?

Does your French bulldog like to sleep a lot?

I often get asked about the time French bulldogs spend sleeping. However, no one can precisely determine the number of hours they need to spend in ‘their favorite sport’. It’s because of it much depends on a dog’s personality. The fact is that Frenchies don’t require much exercise because of their brachycephalic skulls. Over-exercising is not recommended for this breed. Otherwise, it may lead to a rapid heart rate, heavy breathing, and high blood pressure. All the previously mentioned facts could be one of the reasons why French bulldogs require a lot of sleep.


When we talk about French bulldog puppies, and how many hours they spend sleeping, this limit can go up to 20 hours a day. Just like human babies, Frenchie puppies tend to sleep more in the first months of life. Some of the reasons are the building of the immune system and proper growth.

On the other hand, adult French bulldogs approximately spend 10-13 hours sleeping. The rest of the time they spend in ‘chilling’ on the sofa by doing nothing and being active (playing, running around).

As Frenchies age, they can experience issues with mobility. They start to lose cartilage in joints and muscle mass. As you can conclude, older French bulldogs tend to sleep almost like babies (15-18 hours). Therefore, every French bulldog owner needs to observe the dog’s needs according to its abilities.

Since your pooch will probably spend most of the time in his bed, my advice is to find a soft dog bed filled with memory foam. Unlike sponge beds, memory foam shapes according to your dog’s body. The following one might present the right choice both for adults and old Frenchies. It has soft edges so your pooch can place head when sleeping.

Since Frenchies are also prone to gaining weight, my advice is to prevent your pooch from obesity by keeping him entertained. Regular training is a must even though they don’t require it much. For example, you can perform a 10-minute fetch in a dog park and the rest of the stroll to have in a usual walk. Of course, you shouldn’t do it in warm weather conditions because this breed is prone to overheating.

As one of the best toys to keep your little gremlin entertained, I recommend you to check the following Self-rolling ball. Since it has a 360-degree self-rotating system, it will never stop rolling. Your dog can always have indoor fun!

Wrapping up

For a dog, it is extremely important to have a comfortable bed where he can spend time. It can also become your pet’s crate where he can feel safe when left alone. By teaching a Frenchie to go to a crate, you can prevent him from suffering from separation anxiety in the future. Therefore, it’s important to make a good investment in your French bulldog’s bed. Besides the fact they like to sleep a lot, Frenchies are also one of the best breeds for apartment living conditions.

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