French Bulldog Allergy- How to help?


Isn’t it great to own a Frenchie? Their huge personalities and iconic appearances are something that definitely steals everyone’s heart. Despite having so many great features, Frenchies are unfortunately prone to suffer from allergies.

 Types of allergies in French bulldogs

Just like humans, Frenchies can also suffer from allergies. Their short noses make them prone to inhale environmental allergens while their sensitive digestive systems also put them on a higher tendency to develop food allergies. That’s why you need to specially tailor your dog’s diet and help him to build his immune system.

When a human or a dog has a weak immune, he/she becomes less resistant to different allergens. Allergy triggers can be found everywhere…in your house, outside, in the air, and in food as well.

Food allergy in French bulldogs

Since Frenchies are naturally predisposed to show intolerance on certain food ingredients, the best solution is to avoid a diet rich in by-products, dairy products, eggs, chicken skin, corn, soy, and other grains. Well, you’re probably wondering what your lovely pooch can eat, right?

My advice is to feed a French bulldog with a BARF diet in case he/she suffers from a food type of allergy. Of course, there are also Frenchies that never show any intolerance during their lifetime. The key for owning a healthy and well-bred Frenchie puppy is to buy it from a reputable breeder. Dogs that have been properly bred will be less prone to develop health issues in the future.

By choosing the Biologically approved raw food for your Frenchie, you’ll be the only one who will tailor the ingredient your pooch eats. It includes raw meat, fresh or boiled vegetables, and fresh fruits. For example, you can boil rice, put raw chicken breast and fresh veggies (carrots). Of course, there are veggies that can’t be served fresh, so you need to take that into account too. Besides previously mentioned tips, I also recommend you to ask your vet for advice. He/she will need to prescribe you an elimination diet or a hypoallergenic trial diet.

The most common symptoms of food allergy include excessive flatulence and gasses releasing, diarrhea, vomiting, painful hives, rashes, and itchy skin.

 Environmental allergies in French bulldogs

Environmental allergies are more difficult to solve since sometimes, the owner will need more time to discover the allergy trigger. This type of allergy works similar to the food type with one main distinction. A dog will not have excessive gasses and flatulence.

When a dog’s body comes in touch with an allergy trigger, his skin starts to produce histamine. It’s a naturally occurred chemical substance that a body produces when wants to get rid of something. As a result, a dog starts to scratch excessively and show blisters, rashes, and hives. A Frenchie can also breathe heavy, show fever and lethargy as well.

The most common environmental allergy triggers are dust, insect bites, seasonal pollen, and mites.

Solution For a French bulldog allergy

In case your batpig suffers from a food type of allergy, the only solution is to change his diet. On the other hand, environmental type of allergy can be solved by buying shoes and clothes for your Frenchie, regular grooming, and choosing hypoallergenic cosmetics.

I suggest you check the following French bulldog shirt that can prevent your Frenchie from collecting allergens on his fur. It’s made of pleasant lightweight cotton and can also serve as great summer or spring outfit for your little gremlin.

In case of going for a walk in cozy autumn and spring days, this Fleece Zip Sweater will also do the work. Now you can let your Frenchie to freely roll in the grass and save him from pollen, insect bites, and other potential triggers.

Don’t forget on buying dog shoes for your Frenchie because they are the most susceptible to developing allergies. Note that dogs need to wear them both in winter and summer. Road salt in winter can cause serious blisters and allergies on your Frenchie’s feet while walking on hot pavements in summer can make them experience pains and burns.

Keep your French bulldog’s fur always clean. I recommend you regular grooming by using a brush that is specially made for Frenchie’s short coat. In that way, you’ll remove all the allergens and help him to deal with this issue. Of course, it’s not recommended to do that every day. Other days, you can use a wet towel or baby wet wipes for removing dust, dirt, and pollen.

When we talk about bathing a French bulldog, it’s very important not to choose a human or baby shampoo. Dogs need to use a special shampoo that is made for their type of skin. One of the best products for Frenchies sensitive skin is definitely the Frenchie World Bath Salt.

Other solutions present taking antihistamines, topical sprays, and creams, as well as corticosteroids therapy that is less recommended. Prolonged usage of steroids can weaken the skin and cause only bigger problems. That’s why I recommend first trying a natural treatment.

Cleaning your dog’s bed is also a must since they can collect plenty of dust and mites. Check on the following Breathable sofa mat bed that is machine washable and made of pleasant material.

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