How To Help a Frenchie With Overheating?


Unlike other dog breeds, Frenchies are different in many ways. They have bat-shaped ears, compact bodies with naturally short tails, and flat skulls that make them prone to overheating. That’s why every Frenchie owner needs to pay special attention to their cooling in summer, and their hydration demands.

What does your Frenchie need for this summer?

First of all, I highly recommend to all Frenchie moms and dads to regularly check if their pooch drinks plenty of water. Water makes more than 80 % percents of dogs’ bodies, so it’s really important to provide your furry friend with lots of clean and fresh water during a day.

I also recommend removing the water bowls right before the sleep, otherwise, your Frenchie will ‘ask’ you to take him outside for a potty during the night. And…it’s probably the last thing you want to happen.

The following portable French bulldog Water Bottle is great while you’re on the go. It’s BPA-free, safe and durable and when you press the button, you’ll release a clean and fresh water for your batpig.

When taking your Frenchie outside, I highly recommend dressing a Summer Cooling Vest because it can decrease your dog’s body temperature in only a couple of minutes. You should soak the vest into the water, shake and twist it, and leave it in a fridge for 5 minutes. The material of the vest will provide your pooch with a refreshing and cooling effect and will help him to regulate his normal temperature range.

In case the vest started to become warm, you can take it off and shake it for a couple of times to get a cooling effect again.

Another great item that can really help your Frenchie to cool off on the hot summer day is the following Frenchie World® Self Cooling Sleeping Mat. It is filled with a sort of gel that works best when put out of direct sunlight. You can even get a better effect if you put it in a bag and then into your fridge for a couple of minutes. I am sure your best four-legged friend will be very thankful for such a refreshment.

And, have you heard of Summer Cooling Scarf that is specially created for the French bulldog breed? With this cooling scarf, you can increase the time your Frenchie spends outside during summer months. In case you didn’t know, dogs and people have common refreshing spots on bodies- their necks. How many times have you put a cold and wet towel on your neck when you wanted to cool off? Well, since Frenchies can’t do that by themselves, owners need to help them.

The following cooling scarf comes with 4 reusable ice bags and has excellent absorption capacity.

I am sure that when someone says the word summer, the first things that come to your mind are definitely swimming and spending time at the pool or on the beach. However, for your Frenchie, it means that he should take some swimming classes, and with the help of a dog life swimming jacket, I’m sure he’ll make it!

What are the symptoms of heat stroke in French bulldogs?

One of the first symptoms that Frenchies show when they go through overheating is loud and heavy breathing. Your furry friend will also feel weak, exhausted, and start drooling, panting and shivering. Loss of coordination and consciousness. In extreme cases of heat stroke, a Frenchie may also start vomiting and having diarrhea.

What are the best tips for preventing a French bulldog from overheating?

    •  One of the first things you need to do is to walk your pooch to multiple short walks and to avoid the hottest part of the day.
    • Another important tip is to keep your Frenchie inside the house in the air-conditioned room.
    • Frenchies don’t like the temperature higher than 24-25 C degrees. Therefore, you should try to keep that limit inside your living place.
    • Limit the training of your Frenchie to 5-10 min lessons.
    • Never leave your four-legged friend inside of the car even if you left an opened window. It doesn’t work at all on hot temperature.
    • Avoid long walks and always provide him with lots of water.
    • Do not overfeed your dog! It’s always better to give him multiple short meals instead of 2 big.
    • I also recommend choosing a diet that is easier to digest. Check on the BARF diet for French bulldogs.
    • Pay special attention to protecting your French bulldog’s paws. Note that hot sand and surfaces can make burns and blisters to your dog’s sensitive paw pads. Therefore, I advise you to consider buying a good pair of anti-slipping dog socks or sneakers.
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