How Much Exercise do French Bulldogs Need?

How much exercise does a French bulldog need and why?

Exercise and playtime represent an important part of your dog’s life. Although Frenchies belong to low-energy breeds, they still need proper activity to stay healthy. French bulldog exercise can help prevent a range of health problems such as obesity, heart disease, and joint problems. It also mentally stimulates and prevents boredom and destructive behavior.

Many dog owners don’t realize the importance of playtime and training for their Frenchies. These activities help to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. That’s how you provide your furry friend with attention and spend quality time together.

French Bulldog Exercise Requirements

It’s important to remember that the amount and type of exercise a Frenchie needs will vary depending on their age, size, and overall health. Most Frech bulldogs will benefit from at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per day.

For example, you can play a game of fetch or go on a stroll with your pooch. Even though Frenchies should be trained moderately, they are very outgoing, cheerful, and love to clown around.

FetchMate© – Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher will be one of the best products to keep your dog entertained both inside and outside. This French bulldog toy will help your pet spend the pent-up energy and will mentally stimulate his/her mind. The ball launcher includes three standard tennis balls and works with 6 pcs C batteries ( not included ), or with AC adapter (included).

French bulldog fetch mate


French Bulldog Exercise Needs and Importance

Every dog requires the proper amount of exercise during the day. It’s an important part of every dog’s life, including French bulldogs. When we talk about these pooches, they might be small in size, but they have a lot of energy to play and sniff around. To keep your pet healthy and in good shape, these are the things to keep in mind:

Take your Frenchie for Strolls

The length of walks will depend on your Frenchie’s age. Younger pooches will need more exercise of moderate intensity per day. That’s how you’ll improve your pet’s muscles, posture, joints, and overall health. Taking your dog for strolls will also prevent him/her from obesity and will make him/her pleasantly tired.

Play Games

Dogs are like kids. They adore playing and investigating their environment. Therefore, provide your little gremlin with a good workout by playing fetch, or a tug-of-war game. Tug Of War Chew Toy For French Bulldogs is a perfect way to keep your dog entertained inside the house.

Place it on tiles and let the game begin. My dog is able to play this game for almost an hour a day. Besides it representing a perfect way to spend pent-up energy, it also strengthens the dog’s jaw.

Tug of war chew toy

French Bulldogs Exercise of Obedience Classes

Obedience classes should take an important place in every dog’s life. They teach your Frenchie important skills such as sit, stay, and come. That’s how your pet will become well-behaved and well-mannered. Besides, they help build a special relationship with your dog. Your Frenchie can grow into an obedient pet only if he/she gets the lessons of agility, socialization, and obedience.

The importance of obedience classes for your Frenchie:

  • Obedience classes help your Frenchie become properly socialized. By allowing your dog to interact with other dogs and people in a controlled environment, you’ll do a lot for his/her personality.
  • They prevent common behavior problems such as excessive barking, jumping, and disobedience.
  • They can strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Make the Most of the French Bulldog Exercise

Uncover how to optimally exercise your Frenchie.

Provide Your Pet With Plenty of Toys and Puzzles

Frenchies are intelligent dogs that enjoy mental challenges. Providing them with interactive toys can help keep them stay entertained while you’re outside the house. Bone Toothbrush Dog Toy is one of my dog’s favorite toys. When he needs a thorough tooth brushing, I add dog-safe toothpaste inside and as he chews it, the rubber pins gently clean his teeth.

Bone toothbrush toy

Organize the Time of the French Bulldog Exercise

One of the most important things when organizing your Frenchie’s training lessons is to come prepared. In other words, bring treats, a leash, and a collar or harness to each class. Reward your pooch with praise words because they mean a lot for his/her personality.

Patience is the Key

We all know that dog training takes a lot of time and energy. Therefore, don’t get angry if your Frenchie doesn’t get it on the first try. Every pet is different, so you should be armed with patience for every lesson.

Positive Reinforcement in French Bulldog Exercise

Nothing can beat positive reinforcement techniques like treats and praise. Unfortunately, some dog owners think they can make a dog faster learn tricks by punishing it for disobedience. However, the truth is that punishment can ruin your French bulldog’s self-confidence and make him/her feel stressed, fearful, anxious, and even aggressive.

French bulldog puppies are especially sensitive to punishment. Therefore, you should never yell or hit them for doing something bad. Instead, use positive reinforcement in teaching your Frenchie obedience.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when training your Frenchie is to monitor his/her body language. If your dog shows signs of fatigue, breathes fast, and drools a lot, then it’s time to slow time. Note that every dog is different, so you have to carefully organize your Frenchie’s time of exercise.

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