What Are The Benefits of a Raw Diet For French Bulldogs?

„How is it possible that your Frenchie is not fat and has no problems with allergies?’’ That’s a question I often hear from other dog owners who spend a fortune on buying the most expensive dry kibble in the market. Well… the key is to feed a dog with a well-balanced diet that features only natural, pure, raw, and fresh ingredients. A raw diet for French bulldogs can be a life-savior solution for pooches who deal with skin and digestive problems.

Otherwise called the BARF diet for French bulldogs, this type of food can give great results in improving your pet’s coat, energy level, and dental health. If we go back to history, we will realize that the raw diet for French bulldogs resembles the diet of their ancestors, wolfs.

Even though this type of Frenchie diet gives many benefits, there are also potential risks associated with raw ingredients. As we all know, raw meat can carry harmful bacteria such as salmonella, E.coli, and many others. Due to this fact, it’s extremely important to buy fresh meat only at trusted butcheries.

Feeding your Frenchie with bones must be carried out with great caution since they can cause choking and digestive problems.

By switching your furry gremlin to a raw diet, you have to carefully research and consider all the benefits and potential risks. Your vet or a qualified animal nutritionist can give you the best advice about the exact proportion of proteins and carbohydrates your dog needs.

What does a raw diet for French bulldogs look like?

Raw diet for Frenchies includes feeding a pet with raw ingredients:

  • Raw meat, organ meat, muscle meat, and bones
  • Fresh veggies and fruits
  • Raw eggs
  • Dairy products (raw milk)

The composition of the BARF diet for Frenchies will depend on the dog’s age and specific needs. To prevent your Frenchie from getting infected with harmful bacteria, you should follow proper hygiene practices. Make sure you store raw meat ingredients safely and avoid giving your Frenchie bones to avoid choking.

What raw veggies can French bulldogs eat?

Feeding a dog fresh ingredients can boost its immunity. However, when we talk about Frenchies, we also have to carefully choose veggies and fruits to prevent them from painful bloating. As an owner of this pooch, you’ve got used to their unpleasant-smelling gasses. Luckily, a raw diet for French bulldogs can be one of the solutions to keep their digestive system healthy.

Our Frenchies can safely eat raw carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, and broccoli (in small amounts). You can also give your pet celery, spinach, and asparagus as they represent a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Make sure you wash and cut into small pieces all fruits and veggies before serving. Some Frenchies can show sensitivity to certain vegetables, so in case of diarrhea or stomach flatulence, stop feeding them with such food and ask your vet for advice.

How to reduce flatulence in your Frenchie?

There are several ways to reduce flatulence in your Frenchie and only one golden rule. Never feed your dog with table scraps! Human food is rich in fat, salt, and spices, so it can cause painful bloating and even allergies in your Frenchie.

By switching your pet to a raw diet for French bulldogs, we suggest you keep in mind the following advice:

High-quality proteins

Meat proteins will not only give your dog more energy but will also help reduce the amount of gas they produce.


These beneficial bacteria can help improve your dog’s digestion and prevent it from diarrhea.


Food rich in fiber such as pumpkin can decrease bloating in your Frenchies. However, feeding your dog too much of it can lead to diarrhea. Fruits are also great sources of fiber and vitamins, so you have to be careful with the amount you include in your dog’s diet.

raw diet for french bulldogs

Ideas for your French bulldog’s raw diet meal


5 lbs of raw, ground meat (such as beef, lamb, or chicken)

2 cups of chopped vegetables (such as broccoli, spinach, or carrots)

1 cup of chopped fruit (such as apples or blueberries)

1/2 cup of organ meat (such as liver or kidney)

1 tablespoon of fish oil and olive oil

1 teaspoon of coconut oil


Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Divide the mixture into appropriate portion sizes for your Frenchie, based on its size and activity level.

Store the portions in the refrigerator or freeze them until ready to serve.

When feeding your dog, thaw the portion to room temperature and serve it as a complete meal.

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