French Bulldog Grooming: Tips & Tricks

french bulldog grooming

“Wow! How is it possible that your dog has such a shiny coat? How do you take care of it?” If this is a question that you want to hear from other dog owners, then it’s the ultimate time to think about your French bulldog grooming demands. A healthy and smooth coat is the sign that your little gremlin gets proper care and eats a healthy diet. It also reveals a lot about your dog’s lifestyle, so that’s why we decided to provide you with tips & tricks on how to keep your pooch well-groomed from head to toe!

French bulldog grooming- what to keep in mind?

Frenchies are dogs with short and smooth coats that require regular grooming. They release their dead hair twice a year and belong to moderate shedders. Besides brushing your little gremlin’s coat, you also have to take care of other body parts of your dog.

Brushing your French bulldog’s coat

To remove dander and dead hair from your little gremlin, you have to brush it once a week. Don’t get surprised to find more dead hair all around your house during warmer months. That’s how your dog prepares its skin for a new coat.

Since Frenchies have only one layer of fur, you don’t have to use harsh brushes. We recommend you have a look at the following French Bulldog Grooming Glove because it allows you to reach all spots on your furry friend’s body.

Besides dirt, dander, and dead hair, this glove will also give your dog a pleasant massage.

Another brush that you can use during the shedding season when your dog will release more hair than usual is the following grooming tool. It features a metal comb and by pressing the button on the back, you can remove the hair and clean it thoroughly.

Bath your Frenchie as needed

The amount of baths your dog needs depends on your dog’s type of skin and lifestyle. Giving your Frenchie too many baths can dry out the skin and cause a dry and flaky scalp. Therefore, the general rule is to observe your furry friend’s lifestyle. Does your dog often get dirty when going on strolls?

Does he/she suffer from environmental allergies? In case your pooch is an allergy sufferer, make sure you daily remove traces of seasonal pollen from his/her coat. To remove dust and pollen, you can brush your French bulldog’s coat with a grooming glove and then pick up the rest of the pollen with a wet towel.

We also recommend you use only vet-approved dog shampoos. Dogs have different pH values of the skin, and using human shampoos can lead to dandruff and extreme itchiness.

SOS Natural French Bulldog Shampoo has been tested by the Royal Veterinary College, University of London. It’s carefully made to suit dogs with sensitive skin and maintain their coat healthy and smooth.


Trim the nails

Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t take nail trimming seriously. They think that dogs can ‘’naturally’’ trim their nails by walking on concrete, however, it’s not true. Like humans, dogs require regular trimming to stay healthy.

Properly cut nails will improve their mobility and make them feel pleasant during walks. Professional Nail Grooming Tool features a rotating file that gently trims the nails. It is USB rechargeable, so it can be used for years!

Clean your French bulldog’s ears

Frenchies are prone to ear infections due to one simple reason. Their ears are wide open, so they’re more susceptible to collecting dirt, pollen, and other environmental elements. Therefore, make sure you always check those tiny body parts every time you get back from a walk.

One of the best ear-cleaning solutions you can use on your French bulldog is the following one. Use it once a week to maintain your dog’s ears free of bacteria, fungi, and parasites. The solution features vet-approved ingredients and the fresh scent successfully fights the dog’s smelly ears.


Brush your Frenchie’s teeth

To remove plaque and prevent dental problems, brushing your pet’s teeth should become a daily routine and it’s also part of French bulldog grooming. However, we all know that it’s almost impossible. First of all, most dogs don’t love tooth brushing. And the second one…there are so many other ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean and fresh.

Adding dental water to your French bulldog’s bowl, rewarding him with dental treats, and allowing him to play with chew rubber toys can help in removing and preventing tartar and plaque!

In general, most dog owners stick to the rule of brushing their French bulldog’s teeth once a week. In case when a dog suffers from periodontal disease, their teeth should be brushed more frequently to help manage the condition.

In addition to brushing your dog’s teeth, it is important to also provide them with dental chews, toys and treats to help clean their teeth and keep their mouth healthy.

How dog toys can help in maintaining your Frenchie’s teeth healthy?

By chewing toys made of durable rubber with pins, your dog can get a thorough tooth cleaning. You can find many French bulldog toys that are carefully made to maintain your furry friend’s teeth clean and healthy. One of them is the Bone Toothbrush Dog Toy. It features a hidden channel where you can add dog toothpaste inside or place the rope and play tug of war. This toy removes calculus, improves intelligence, relieves anxiety, cleans teeth, and strengthens teeth.


French bulldog grooming- wrapping up

From the moment you decided to bring a little Frenchie puppy home, you’ve made a friend for life. We’re sure that those cute, protruding eyes, bat ears, and short snout have immediately stolen your heart. Owning a pet brings a high dose of responsibility, and French bulldog grooming should become your daily commitment to giving your pet the life it deserves.

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