Things To Do When Your Frenchie May Be Poisoned


We all know that dogs are curious animals. They sniff, lick, and chew on everything that seems attractive to their sense of smell. Since we can’t predict every situation that may occur, you’d better be prepared for ‘less pleasant’ conditions too. Therefore, you need to react quickly and should know how to help your Frenchie in case of poisoning.

Common causes of a dog poisoning

Some food may seem harmless for your dog. However, there are many ingredients, such as chocolate and fruit seeds, that can be poisonous for your French bulldog. Here is the shortlist of ingredients you need to keep far away from your Frenchie’s nose.

  • Fruits indeed leave hundreds of beneficial effects on your dog’s body. However, some fruit seeds can be extremely poisonous. Pear and apple seeds are rich in cyanide that can cause your dog to vomit and lead to other issues as well. Therefore, before you give these fruits to your pooch, make sure you’ve removed all the peel and seeds.
  • Chocolate is another cause of French bulldog poisoning. The toxic component of chocolate is theobromine that is hard to digest for dogs.
  • Household chemicals come to the third position. Therefore, you’d better remove all the house cleaning chemicals from your dog’s muzzle.
  • There are several household flowers and plants that are poisonous to your dog. Some of them are tulips, daffodils, sago palms, azaleas, and rhododendrons. Whenever possible, dog owners should avoid bringing these plants into their homes or yards.
  • Pay attention to products designed to fight ants, rodents, and insects. Make sure that those products are inaccessible to your dog.


What are the signs of poisoning in dogs?

  • vomiting
  • lethargy
  • diarrhea
  • drooling
  • weakness
  • twitching
  • tremors
  • seizures


How to help a Frenchie in case of poisoning?

In case you saw that your dog ate a poisonous plant or a food ingredient, then you should induce your Frenchie’s vomiting. However, do not do that in case your French bulldog is breathing heavy or has a slow heart rate.

– Prepare a solution made of 50% of water and 3% of Hydrogen peroxide. Consider giving your pooch 5ml per 10lbs of weight every 20 minutes. The 3% hydrogen peroxide is totally safe for usage and can be put even on open wounds.


– Another solution can be made of salt and water. Salty water will help your Frenchie to throw up the harmful ingredient.

– In case you don’t feel comfortable to perform previously mentioned tips and you don’t know what is the cause of his poisoning, my advice is to collect your dog’s vomit. After you took your little gremlin to see a vet and took the vomited fluid to a laboratory testing, you’ll be half way from your dog’s cure.

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