Do French Bulldogs Smell?


We can’t deny that living with a dog brings so many great things in your life. However, where there are good, there are also less pleasant things. Unpleasant French bulldog smell is definitely of the things that no dog owner would like to experience.

What are the reasons for the unpleasant French bulldog smell?

Of course, it’s impossible to expect that a dog will smell like flowers. However, the smelly odor coming from its folds, ears, and paws may point out different issues. Overall, French bulldogs don’t belong to smelly breeds. However, their folds require regular cleaning since they are prone to collect dirt.

Their facial folds can become extremely smelly in a short time if you don’t clean them after every meal. Since they have brachycephalic skulls, Frenchies look like true piglets while eating. They choke and inhale the food. Therefore, it’s understandable why they become so messy.

To prevent your pooch from fast eating and choking, I recommend you to take a look at the following Anti-choke feeding bowl. It will prolong your dog’s meal and make him less prone to suffer from gasses. Here you’ll find the tips on how to choose the right French bulldog feeding bowl.

 How to clean French bulldog folds?

If your Frenchie’s folds became oily and smelly, then it’s possible that your dog developed a bacterial infection. Here are the signs that will point out there’s an issue going on with your dog’s folds:

  • red, irritated skin
  • smelly folds that resemble of stinky cheese or fish
  • yellow or white discharge
  • blisters and lesions
  • skin painful in touch

Besides you need to visit a vet to ask for advice, I also recommend you to clean the folds with a cotton ball and water. Another solution can present a damp cloth and wet baby wipes.


What to do if your French bulldog has smelly paws?

Unpleasant French bulldog smell that can occur in your furry friend’s paws in case he/she developed a yeast infection. The smell of yeast is often described as the smell of popcorn or cheese. These are other symptoms that will point out if your dog suffers from yeast infection:

  • red and swollen paws and beneath the toes
  • paw licking
  • paw chewing
  • crusty and flaky skin
  • red nail bed
  • hot spots

To treat a yeast infection, your vet will prescribe you a special antifungal therapy. When we talk about natural remedies, I recommend you to make a 50/50 solution made of an Apple cider vinegar and water. The apple cider kills the yeast and works as an antibacterial ointment. However, it shouldn’t be used if your little gremlin developed open wounds.


What to do if your French bulldog has smelly ears?

Similar to the previous issue, your dog’s ears may stink due to the yeast or another bacterial infection. This can happen if a dog doesn’t get a regular ear cleaning and in case of a plant stuck in the ear.

As a result, a dog starts to excessively scratch the ear. Here are other symptoms that can confirm if your dog suffers from an ear infection:

  • smelly ear
  • yellow, brown or reddish discharge coming from the ear
  • excessive scratching


How to prevent an unpleasant French bulldog smell?

French bulldog stinky smell can be prevented with regular baths. However, you need to be very careful when you are choosing the right shampoo. Frenchies have sensitive skin so you shouldn’t bathe them with shampoos for humans. Our Frenchie World dry cleaning shampoo can be used between baths. It is famous for its antibacterial and antifungal properties so you can be sure it will not cause any irritation in your pooch.

In case you haven’t found the right shampoo for your French bulldog, I advise you to check the following one. There are five types of Frenchie World shampoos that are specially tailored to fit different dog breeds. To prevent bacterial skin infections, the blue one will fit your dog best. Please click on the image to get more info.

In the end, how can we forget on a brush that will help you clean your Frenchie’s folds? The following French bulldog shower brush has dozens of soft silicone pins and a case to add shampoo. By using a few drops of shampoo, your furry friend will have both a pleasant massage and a shower.

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