Why French Bulldogs Can’t Swim?


Most of us would agree that there’s no better season than summer! However, for Frenchie owners, it’s also the time for thinking about how to prevent their furry friends from overheating and how to keep them safe around waters.

We are all led to believe that there is no dog that can’t swim but the truth is actually different. French bulldogs CAN’T swim and no matter how hard you try, you’ll not be able to make them become good swimmers. Well, now some of you will probably say that your Frenchie knows to swim, right? However, I bet you’ve never allowed your dog to swim in the sea, lake or river. Your Frenchie has probably used to spend a pleasant and relaxing time in the pool and has never tried to swim in restless waters.

Why French bulldogs can’t swim?

Since they are already unique in appearance, then why not staying unique in one more aspect of their lives? Thanks to their adorable smushed faces, thick neck structures, and short bodies, Frenchies can’t swim. They need to give a lot of forces just to keep their heads above the water. Even when they try to spontaneously swim like all other dogs, they tend to sink like rocks. Frenchies own the swimming instinct but they are not able to swim.


How to make a Frenchie a good swimmer?

I highly advise all French bulldog owners to never go swimming with their pooches without taking a good swimming jacket. Most people are not aware of the fact that these dogs can drown very quickly even in shallow waters. As they struggle to keep their noses up, these furry gremlins get tired very quickly because they can’t inhale enough air at once. As you can guess, it can turn out to be fatal. That’s why I wanted to introduce you to the importance of buying a life jacket for your Frenchie.

When we talk about buying other summer essentials, and their prevention of overheating, I advise you to take a bottle of fresh water always with you. French bulldogs require drinking plenty of water during summer months in order to escape heat stroke.

Another essential item presents the Summer cooling Vest. It prevents your French bulldog from overheating when walking outside in warm weather. You should soak it into the water, twist, shake and dress up your Frenchie.

The cooling collar can also help your pooch to deal with high temperatures. It comes with 4 gel packs that should be cooled in the fridge before wearing a collar.

Here it comes the most important part of French bulldog swimming. If you are searching to buy a life swimming jacket for your pooch, I advise you to get one that will fit tight to his body. Otherwise, there is a risk of it slipping off or not keeping your Frenchie above the water.

Dog life jackets will certainly prevent your dog from drowning, however, even when he’s wearing it, you should never leave him unattended. It’s important to always observe your furry friend’s behavior to make sure if he’s doing well.

When your dog figured out that he can float thanks to a life vest, the next step should be teaching him how to swim. Since Frenchie World life swimming jackets have a handle on their backs, you should slowly move your pooch through the water until he starts to spontaneously move his legs.

Another step is swimming alongside your pet and showing him your relaxed behavior. Note that dogs are highly intelligent creatures that will easily realize it’s nothing to be afraid of.

The following Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket is made in neon colors that will help to keep your dog visible any minute. Besides a handle, it also has a D-ring for putting a leash when you want to walk with your Frenchie near water.

 Isn’t it cool that from now on you’ll have your own four-legged lifeguard? There’s no way that your pooch will not become spotted in the following Frenchie Life Vest.  It’s available in shark, tortoise and lobster design, and has a practical handle for easier maneuvering.

Why not escape a traditional looking dog life jackets and make your Frenchie more unique than already he is? Frenchie World Mermaid life jacket will make your pooch shine bright like a diamond!

Wrapping up

French bulldog owners need to know that teaching their Frenchies how to swim is not something to be afraid of. It’s should become their customary habit and a great way to cool off. Since they are prone to overheating, French bulldogs would be very grateful to spend time plenty of their time in the water during summer months. Even buying a kiddie pool can work a lot for them!

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