How To Treat French Bulldog Ear Mites?

French bulldog ear mites are one of the most irritating occurrences that affect the quality of life of your pet. Since this parasite is very contagious, it can be easily transmitted to other dogs, cats, and ferret friends. If your dog is scratching his ears and shaking his head more than usual, then he might deal with one of the most common parasites that require immediate treatment.

What are ear mites in French bulldogs?

Ear mites are parasites that can be described as very similar to ticks and flea. We can find them on a dogs skin and in its ears, and theyre barely visible to the naked eye. Since mites require to have a host to survive, it means that theyre very contagious. Therefore, your Frenchie has probably picked them from another pet.

What are the symptoms of French bulldog ear mites?

Besides frequent head shaking and scratching ears, a dog will have lesions around its ears and brown or yellow discharge. Therefore, if you leave it untreated, mites will reproduce very quickly and trigger severe ear infections that can end up with a loss of hearing.

To diagnose this condition in your pooch, a vet will perform an otoscope check of the dogs ear canal. If your Frenchie is having an ear discharge, a microscopic examination is also required.

How to treat ear mites in French bulldogs?

After your vet confirmed that your French bulldogs ears became affected by ear mites, he/she will perform the cleaning. Besides, youll also need to daily use topical anti-parasite medications for about 3 weeks. The dose can also depend from dog to dog, and on the severity of the case.

You should also keep in mind that mites can live in the house, so its very important to clean the carpets, your dogs bed, his clothes, and furniture he used to reside on. The good news is that humans can rarely catch ear mites from their dogs, however, enhanced hygiene is certainly welcome.

How to prevent French bulldog ear mites?

Prevention is very difficult to achieve. Mites can be found everywhere…from grass to your best friends dog or cat. Therefore, the best protection of this parasite will be to put the flea collar around your Frenchies neck. You should also regularly clean your French bulldogs ears by using the following Ear cleaning solution. It is specially formulated to protect and treat the dog’s ears affected by different bacteria, fungi and parasites.

What is the best natural remedy for treating ear mites in dogs?

Besides using the prescribed therapy, using a Grean Tea rinse can also help. You can use it to rinse the debris and dirt from your Frenchies ears, even if when he freed from mites.

Another natural ingredient that can be used for cleaning the mites is Olive oil. Olive oil will help the dirt to get out along with a brown discharge. You can pour a few drops in your Frenchies ears, gently massage around each ear, and then pick up the dirt with a cotton ball. Note that this is a quite messy procedure because your dog will shake his head at the end.

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