Which Zodiac Sign Is The Best French Bulldog Parent?


In case you already decided to own a French bulldog puppy, why not to make some fun and do research on which zodiac sign would be the best French bulldog parent? We bet you’ll get thrilled with the following facts.


Since Aries always like to be number 1, it’s not surprising why they are the first zodiac sign, right? However, in case they live with a playful and tricky Frenchie, they will need to make a good balance in order to prevent their pooch to act stubborn. Two stubborn personalities in the house don’t sound good at all, so they’d better get ready for a compromise.


We must say that a Frenchie who lives with Taurus has a lot of luck because he/she respects and loves his family to death. A Taurus will always take care of his/her four-legged family member and put his or her needs in the first place.


Playful and childish Gemini will always have plenty of energy for a Frenchie. Geminis and French bulldogs actually have pretty similar characteristics. They are both outgoing, intelligent, and easily adapt to any kind of environment. A furry gremlin will adore your fun-loving, constantly moving mind. Your tastes change often, and your four-legged pooch is likely to find this both exciting and inspiring.



A Cancer Frenchie parent is always guided by emotion and heart. Cancer parents are ready to do everything only to make their pooch safe, loved and happy. So, as you can conclude, a Frenchie who lives with Cancer parent is very likely to become spoiled and childish. Therefore, we advise you to take a good balance.


Roll out the red carpet, because Leo has arrived. This vivacious, theatrical and passionate sign always likes to present everyone’s center of attention as well as Frenchie. On the other hand, a Leo parent will care most about family loyalty, protection, and affection. Leo is passionate and genuine in his/her emotional displays, so his/her Frenchie will know when he/she is in a warm and enthusiastic mood.



Virgo Frenchie parents are sensible but have high standards and appreciate affection. Since they like to keep everything under control and about cleanness, you’ll never see their Frenchies with messed clothes and paws. It would present complete chaos in their heads!

Virgo Frenchie parents enjoy teaching and training a dog, and leading a healthy, active lifestyle. So, the great news is that a French bulldog living with Virgo will never become obese! Sorry Frenchie, but from now on, you can forget on eating lots of food and sleeping all day long.



As a Libra French bulldog parent, you try to create a peaceful and harmonious home life for your pooch. Since you like to think a lot and measure all the thoughts and things twice, you’ll always find yourself in a dilemma which French bulldog jacket to choose for your furry gremlin.



Scorpio dog parents are likely to be the emotional center of their family. They are passionate, sensitive and intense. They have a strong bond with their dogs and are ready to do everything just to make sure they are happy and loved. Since Scorpios are naturally strong and independent, we are sure that they become great pack leaders to their pooches. Like a mother bear protects and defends her cubs, Scorpio Frenchie parents protect and defend their children just as furiously against all harm.


Adventurous Sagittarius is always ready to take his/her Frenchie to the craziest adventures. Don’t stay surprised to see him or her to take a Frenchie to swim or hiking ’cause their main life mantra is being free. Sagittarius wants their little pooch to discover the outside world, so a Frenchie living with this zodiac sign will definitely be properly socialized.




As a Capricorn French bulldog parent, your focus is on working hard for your family and meeting your responsibilities. Your Frenchie will always know his/her feeding schedule and will be taught to never ask for some extra snacks because your rule is that he/she needs to work for it to get it.


This sign is the like the “eccentric professor” of the zodiac. They simply tend to think outside the box! Aquarians are innovative and unique, so their Frenchies will always step out from the crowd dressed in the craziest costumes you’ll ever see. They surely go a few steps ahead of everyone.



Pisces are very friendly just as Frenchies. As a Pisces parent, you’re incredibly nurturing, compassionate and in tune with your dog’s needs. You will enjoy every moment spent with your furry friend and become fascinated as he/she learned some new trick.

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